10 AEW Wrestlers That Need New Entrance Music

AEW has launched a ton of superstars to the top of the wrestling world. From Kenny Omega to FTR, the future of wrestling television is no longer dictated by talent chosen by Vince McMahon. Along with launching superstars, AEW has also helped a ton of entrance themes become wrestling staples in their own right, Chris Jericho’s Judas and Adam Cole’s All about tha (Boom!) to name a few.

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Despite how well many entrance songs have gotten over at AEW, there are plenty of wrestlers who are due for a change. This is not to say that all these songs are “bad.” Many wrestlers have either outgrown their themes, but some current theme songs are also just bad. This list reviews ten wrestlers or stables who could benefit greatly from a new entrance theme.

10 FTR

FTR is one of the best wrestling tag teams in the world. The old saying “they are the future” is no longer applicable to Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood as the two members of FTR are the face of “present” tag team wrestling. their theme Darkside of TR is a great ode to classic tag team stables that inspired them and has a catchy nostalgic feel to it that fans love.

However, they are starting to enter their prime, and it seems it would be best for the stable to have an entrance theme that cements a place in culture next to the duo. It’s time for the duo to move past the nostalgia since this is their time and there could be something more reflective of that than Darkside of TR,

9 Jake Hager

Jake Hager’s run in AEW has been nothing like anyone expected it to be. He rarely speaks and has just existed in the background of different stables. Hager’s entrance theme is way over the top for the superstar who never speaks. I got ’em hurt is a fast Fort Minor rock/rap theme that is way too violent for Hager who is not remotely known for violence in the ring.

If there’s any chance Jake Hager has a big run at AEW in the future, he’s got to start that run with a new entrance theme that better matches the former world champion.


8 Varsity Blondes

Expectations for Brian Pillman Jr. have been too high. It’s unfair to assume anyone could be at the level of Brian Pillman including his own son. Griff Garrison has not helped Pillman Jr. get over as he has struggled.

Although there might be a long road ahead for the tag team to make a big jump to the top of the card, one aspect of the duo that can be quickly improved is their entrance theme. City Lights is one of the blandest entrance songs in AEW. It sounds like it was recorded by a bad 80s cover band and is nothing memorable.

7 Daniel Garcia

Daniel Garcia is one of the many AEW midcarders with a ton of potential. He’s had several moments where has shown he could be the future of the company. One aspect of Garcia that must improve is his out-of-ring persona. He hardly has an identity and struggles to stand out on the microphone. His entrance theme, Crimson Extinctionis a great song, but the fast rap does nothing for Garcia.

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The beat is too simple. If it was given to any other midcarder, no one would notice the change. The first step to establishing Garcia as a superstar will be a more attention-grabbing song.

6 hook

Hook has received a ton of hype from fans, but has, thus far, lived up to it. No one expected him to be a world champion in three years, but he has shown some potential to be a solid mid-carder by the time he turns 26. Hook’s entrance music is proof just because a song is good doesn’t mean it is entrance music material.

The Chairman’s Intent has an old-school east coast 90s hip hop flow to it and although it sounds like a great workout song, it’s too much for a wrestling entrance theme.

5 Britt Baker

AEW’s women’s division has often been criticized for how unbalanced the talent is. Britt Baker is on the top tier of the talent argument. She is great at what she does and will likely have a massive career ahead of her. The Epic is a typical instrumental theme song that mentions the superstar’s name. That’s way too lazy for a star at the level of Britt Baker.

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She’s also one of the top heels at AEW and nothing about The Epic screams “heel” at the audience. Baker has done a great job of establishing a memorable wrestling persona and her entrance theme is not at the same level.

4 Kyle O’Reilly

AEW leaders are very hot on O’Reilly. His skills in the ring are great and if he can establish an identity among the massive pool of talent at AEW he could be a future world champion.

If he wants a future outside reDRagon he has to get his own entrance music. His match against Jon Moxley was a huge main event moment for O’Reilly and he came out to the reDragon theme that is great but did nothing to solidify O’Reilly as a solo star with a ton of potential.

3 Jade Cargill

Jade Cargill is a future AEW world champion. She burst onto the scene like a flash of lightning and has dominated ever since. Cargill may be the future of the entire women’s division and the only drawback to her great moments in AEW has been her entrance theme. Epic is not a bad theme song it’s just not special enough for a star with Cargill’s potential.

She needs a new entrance theme that is way less generic and reminds audiences how great she is.

2 Ruby Soho

Ruby Soho has been a great addition to AEW. Although she’s not had any career-defying moments yet, it’s hard to imagine her time isn’t coming. Soho’s current theme feels like it belongs on the soundtrack to a Tony Hawk Pro Skater game. It’s one of those songs that is good, but not a good entrance theme song.

It feels like the track is written for “destination unknown” to be sung out loud by the fans, but has not caught on so far, and it may be time for something that will.

1 Jon Moxley

Until injured stars like CM Punk and Kenny Omega return to AEW, the sole captain of the ship will be Jon Moxley. This is not his first rodeo as the top guy at AEW and likely won’t be his last. His original entrance theme at AEW Unscripted Violence was one of the best entrance songs AEW has ever had. He changed it to Wild Thing, which many would argue is a downgrade. Although the song’s lyrics fit, the cover version he chose seems way too out of place for the character of Jon Moxley.

It’s way too upbeat and happy. Let’s face it, Danhausen could come out to this song, and it would work…that’s a problem. If Moxley is about to take the throne atop AEW again, it might be time to move on from Wild Thing and either backtrack or find a new entrance theme better suited for a star of his caliber.

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