10 Best Hockey Playing Nations In The World

10 Best Hockey Playing Nations In The World

10 Best Hockey Playing Nations In The World, Hockey is a sport in many countries, but not all of them have the same level of hockey players. Some countries have more than others and have this as one of their main sports. In Canada, the United States and Russia, hockey is the name of the national winter sport.

The International Hockey Federation (FIH), which oversees field hockey on a global scale, ranks the hockey-playing nations. This method of scoring was established in 2003. Scores are determined by game results. The best ten nations currently playing field hockey are shown below.

  1. Australia

Australia, a gaming powerhouse, holds the top slot with 2642.26 points. It has long been a top field hockey nation. At the Olympics in Tokyo in 2020, they also took second place. Following the Olympics, Australia was ranked No. 2, but they have since displaced Belgium from the top slot and placed the blame on the final match. They presently lead Belgium by more than 100 points as they get retribution for the finals. Australia has produced many great players who have made their mark on the international stage.

  1. Belgium
Tokyo Olympics Hockey: Quarterfinal 3 - Belgium vs Spain live stream, preview and prediction » FirstSportz

Belgium presently holds the second-place spot with 2742.775 scores. Though after taking home the gold at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. Belgium lost ground to its competitors in the Tokyo Olympic finals and fell second. They have advanced to six quarterfinals of the EuroHockey Nations tournament since 1995. In the EuroHockey Nations tournament, they finished third in 2007 and second in 2013 and 2017.

  1. Netherlands
The Netherlands thrash Pakistan to qualify for men's hockey event at Tokyo 2020

They moved to third place from fourth place and are presently ranked with 2617.290 points. The Netherlands is the third European nation to place in the first 10 of the FIH standings. Among the most accomplished hockey groups in the globe is the Netherlands. They have a track record of eight Champions Trophy victories. Also, they achieved the Summer Olympics twice and the Hockey World Cup thrice each.

  1. Germany
In the Spotlight.... Germany Men |  FIH

Germany held the fifth spot in the rankings at the start of the year. Germany is now in the lead with 2340.058 scores. Germany has claimed the Hockey World Cup twice and is among the best hockey countries on earth. They earned the Hockey Champions League nine times, the EuroHockey Nations title eight times, and four Olympic medals.

  1. India
India vs Great Britain, men's hockey quarter-final match at Tokyo Olympics, get time and watch live streaming and telecast

India was rated third originally with 2296.04 points; however, they have since dropped to fifth place with 2299.622 points. India is one of the best nations in the context of foreign hockey during the 1900s. Nevertheless, they ruined their prestige after consistently losing significant events for generations. They successfully regained their status after taking home a bronze medal at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

  1. England
Hockey: FIH Pro League 2022 in London - Sport - visitlondon.com

England as a whole, practically all sports are popular. They have national groups in the world’s main athletics and a distinguished reputation. At the start of the year, England has kept their sixth place with 2130.244 scores. They took home the gold at the first Winter Games. They routinely outperformed other teams at the EuroHockey Nations Tournament, taking home gold, silver, and seven times bronze. The Sultan Azlan Shah Cup also saw them take home gold, silver, and bronze.

  1. Argentina

Gold Medal: Argentina

Athletics have a positive perception of South America. South America is renowned for its athletics, whether in the NFL or other competitions. With 2082.439 scores, the Argentina field soccer unit has held the seventh spot from the year’s start. They have won three Pan American Cups and nine gold medals at the Pan American Olympics. They defeated Belgium in a historical encounter to win gold at the 2016 Summer Olympics and bronze at the 2008 County Championship.

  1. Spain
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Spain, initially in ninth place, has succeeded in moving up and now holds the eighth spot. With a world standing of 1852.412, Spain is another European nation with a hockey place in the Championship 10. After starting a field hockey squad, Spain has made great strides. Since their inaugural competition, they have participated in every world cup. They have claimed the Champions Cup, Champions Challenge, and the EuroHockey Nations tournament thrice. Spain is among the competitive field hockey countries trying to improve their team’s performance. So over the years, they have taken part in and won games.

  1. New Zealand
Oceanic Cup 2019 : Full Squad of the Black Sticks men's hockey team

New Zealand has developed into a superb sporting country in all sports despite having one of the lowest populations in the world. Since the start of the year, New Zealand has dropped from eighth to ninth place. They are now ninth with 1798.247 scores. New Zealand is a fantastic country that participates in all athletics. They are renowned around the globe for their athletics, from cricket to the Olympic games. They were the first non-Asian squad to win a gold medal at the Summer Games in 1976. They earned the 2018 Summer Olympics, gold in 2010, and silver in 2002. They finished second in the 2012–2013 World Cup and earned gold and silver in the League Cup.

  1. Malaysia

Malaysian hockey team qualifies for 2020 Tokyo Olympics - Cyber-RT

Malaysia has excelled at the sport of hockey throughout the last few years, which has led to its prosperity. Malaysia is the latest Asian country to make it into the top 10, maintaining its 10th rank with 1666.594 scores. They finished fourth in the 1975 Hockey Tournament and second in the 2017 Hockey Asia Cup. The international hockey association gave them a 2017 ranking of 7. They haven’t yet received their gold, though.

Hockey is a very sport that requires lots of speed and physical strength. The players must skate fast and make quick turns on the ice. It happens to be one of the best sports in the world if you’re looking to get in shape. Certain countries always produce players for the hockey teams. These countries are widely considered to be the best in the game of hockey. This content has featured 10 of these countries and a few honorable mentions. As with any sport, however, there are different levels of competition in hockey.

10 Best Hockey Playing Nations In The World

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