10 Best Non-Tournament Cobra Kai Fights

The conflicts in Cobra Kai always lead to the characters getting into a physical fight. While rivalries are settled and the better fighter is often seen at the All Valley tournaments, most of the fighting among the characters happens outside of tournaments.

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Unlike the tournaments, these fights have no rules and they’re ruthless, overblown, and a delight for viewers to watch. Given that the tournaments only come around once a year, there are plenty of non-tournament fights in Cobra Kai, These non-tournament fights give viewers some excitement because of how extreme they are and how the characters show off their different fighting styles.

10 Miguel Proved Himself As A True Cobra Kai Against Kyler

When Kyler Park and his cronies harass Samantha LaRusso, Miguel Diaz angrily tells him off. Because Kyler easily defeated Miguel before, he thinks he can do so again. However, Miguel’s training from sensei Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) proves to pay off.

All of Cobra Kai’s techniques come to Miguel on instinct, allowing him to take on Kyler and Kyler’s three friends. In doing so, Miguel earns the respect of his fellow students and his sensei, who gives Miguel his old karate uniform as a reward. This non-tournament fight even leads to more students joining Cobra Kai.

9 Hawk Gave Brucks A Beat Down That No One Will Ever Forget

When John Kreese is testing recruits against old students, he ends up recruiting Kyler and one of his cronies, Brucks. Eli Moskowitz aka Hawk used to be a target of Kyler and Brooks’ bullying. When Brucks steps up to the front plate, Hawk angrily decides to take him on.

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Brooks and Kyler each think that they have this match in the bag. Hawk pummels Brucks into the ground without Brucks getting so much as a single hit in. Brooks begs him to stop, but Hawk refuses. With each punch, every spectator is unnerved – except Kreese, who looks on with pride as another student goes down a dark path.

8 Johnny’s Bout With Terry Silver Strikes True Fear

When Johnny finds out that Cobra Kai co-sensei Terry Silver is buying his son’s loyalty, Johnny heads off to confront him at his old dojo. Having expected this, Silver organizes a brutal sneak attack on him. Unlike Kreese, who Johnny is on equal footing with, Silver is shown to be capable of outclassing Johnny in every way.

Even Johnny’s utilization of Miyagi-do techniques doesn’t help in this brawl, and Silver is enjoying every second of pulverizing him. It’s one of the many times in Cobra Kai where Silver shows that he is far less moral than Kreese, and it comes to the point that even Kreese doesn’t enjoy what he sees.

7 Daniel And Johnny Get An Honest Rematch After So Long

After Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) finds out that Terry Silver has returned, he insists to Johnny that he take over the students’ training. Johnny objects to this and the two decide to settle the matter in a tournament-style fight.

While the match has rules, it does not keep the fight from packing a lot of tension. Both senseis use their greatest techniques, and it all culminates in a well-deserved draw. While this does not sit well with either of them, it once again proves how surprisingly similar the two are. There is no definitive right or wrong in their conflicts, which is the core of Cobra Kai,

6 The LaRusso House Fight Is A Profound Moment For Multiple Fighters

At the end of season 3, Sam tries to convince the Miyagi-do and Eagle Fang students to band together to take on Cobra Kai. Despite the students’ conflicts, they are immediately forced to do so when the Cobra Kai students, who are led by Tory Nichols, crash the party at the LaRusso’s house. Cobra Kai are also determined to end things once and for all.

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The fight’s ferocity shines as most of the LaRusso house is destroyed. At the same time, Sam, Miguel, and Hawk all take a step forward. Miguel regains some of his lost fighting skills, Sam conquers his fear of Tory, and Hawk realizes the error of his ways and begins his road to redemption.

5 Daniel Unleashes His Inner Eagle Fang At A Hockey Game

After Daniel spends a day learning Johnny’s way of Eagle Fang Karate, they hang out and watch a hockey game. Johnny calls a foul and tells the player that Daniel was the one who did it. He continues to goad the man into fighting Daniel, despite the latter’s protests. Sure enough, after the game, the player and his friends confront Daniel and Johnny.

With Johnny having slipped away, Daniel is forced to fight five hockey players alone. He succeeds and learns the value of offense. In the meantime, Johnny hilariously masters the Miyagi-Do philosophy, “no be there.” At first, Daniel is bewildered, but then he’s impressed.

4 Chozen Gets Sweet Revenge

While on business in Okinawa, Daniel reconnects with his ex-girlfriend Kumiko and encounters his former rival Chozen Toguchi (Yuji Okumoto). With Chozen’s help, Daniel learns there was a lot more to Miyagi-do karate than he initially thought.

Chozen is an exceptional teacher with incredible moves. The fight is like a callback to The Karate Kid: Part II, which is still every bit as hilarious as it was when the film was released. The choreography is engaging from start to finish, and the fight develops the relationship between Chozen and Daniel. The brawl also ends one of the many rivalries of Cobra Kai and turns it into a legitimate friendship.

3 Daniel And Johnny’s Teamwork Achieves Amazing Results

At the start of season 3, Robby is on the run from the police after kicking Miguel from the school railing. Fearing the worst will happen, Daniel teams up with Johnny to find Robby and convince him to turn himself in.

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They wind up finding a van that Robby stole in a chop shop where they are attacked by a group of thugs. While the fight results in them losing their lead on Robby, viewers get to see Johnny and Daniel easily take on these criminals with some impressive teamwork. While Johnny and Daniel can never achieve friendship, this is a moment that shows just how much they can accomplish together.

2 Daniel Vs. Kreese Had Both Parties Out For Blood

In the season 3 finale, Daniel, who’s enraged at Kreese for sending his students to lead an attack on his house, finally takes the war to him. Daniel saves Johnny from Kreese’s chokehold and reigns fury upon him. As they are fighting, they break through the glass of the Cobra Kai dojo. While the brawl is going on, it’s made clear that all men involved are bent on murder.

Thanks to Chozen’s teachings, Daniel comes close to murdering Kreese. Despite having Kreese as his sole father figure, Johnny is okay with it. It is only through Miguel and Sam’s interruption that Daniel stops, and they agree to settle the score at the tournament.

1 The Shock Of The School Fight Never Truly Went Away

The season 2 finale begins a new school year. However, the tensions of the dojo war are still as prevalent as ever, and the tensions finally reach a breaking point in the finale. What starts as a simple fight between Sam and Tory becomes an all-out war between all the members of both dojos.

The fight is brutal and over-the-top from the get-go and only continues to get worse as it progresses. The school brawl culminates in Robby giving Miguel a tragic and painful back injury. Even though the fight does eventually end and Miguel fully recovers, the events ensure that the dojo war is far from over.

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