10 Funniest TV Characters Of All Time, According To Ranker

Netflix audiences will soon enjoy the small-screen return of funny man Rowan Atkinson in Man Vs. Bee, His notable role as Mr. Bean warmed the hearts of audiences everywhere, establishing him as a mainstream comedian. Such funny and outlandish characters draw audiences to sitcoms and cartoons, and when the main characters can provide laughs and memorable moments, they’ll keep coming back for more.

Fans at Ranker voted for the funniest TV characters of all time, and it should come as no surprise that multiple characters from the same show made it into the top 10. These characters have distinct personalities, making them stand out in their respective comedies.


10 Sheldon Cooper (The Big Bang Theory)

Obsession and narcissism somehow make Sheldon Cooper of The Big Bang Theory incredibly lovable and funny. For 12 seasons, the theoretical physicist obsessed over his seat on the couch, struggled with personal relationships, and knocked too many times on Penny’s door, earning him a spot as one of the funniest characters on television in the hearts of audiences.

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It was endearing watching Sheldon attempt to crack jokes and “zing” his friends. Sheldon is memorable enough to gain his own spin-off, Young Sheldon, for fans to understand how he came to be such a character and annoyance to those around him. Jim Parsons perfectly portrays the highly intelligent Sheldon with such an inflated ego.

9 Ron Swanson (Parks And Rec)

Ron Swanson looking up at someone from his desk in Parks and Rec

As everyone’s favorite Parks Department director, Ron Swanson is a hilariously memorable character in Parks and Rec, His grumpy demeanor and complete disdain for the government are even funnier than the all-too-ambitious Leslie Knope. Ron’s ability to teach children why the government is unnecessary and get absolutely nothing done is unmatched by everyone else in the office.

He is the secret saxophone playing, steak-eating, mustached mystery to his coworkers, and his personal relationships and desire to maintain his privacy are what drive his character. His relationship with his ex-wife, Tammy 2, is hilariously inappropriate and unforgettable. His interactions are some of the funniest on the small screen.

8 Red Forman (That ’70s Show)

That 70s Show Red Forman Kurtwood Smith

Red Forman from That ’70s Show is the funny dad that audiences are glad isn’t theirs. He’s tough on Eric and Laurie, as well as the entire gang who constantly hangs out in his basement. His anger toward the gang always lead to comments like, “You morons just hung vacancy signs on your asses and my foot’s looking for a room.”

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Soon audiences will be able to enjoy seeing Red as a grandfather in the upcoming That ’90s Show as he and Kitty take in Eric and Donna’s daughter, Leia, for the summer. Fans are curious if he will have the same tough exterior or if he has lightened up since becoming a grandfather.

7 Peter Griffin (Family Guy)

The Griffin family patriarch has found himself in a number of questionable, yet hilarious situations on Family Guy, Peter attempted breastfeeding Stewie after becoming sensitive to the plight of women. He also created his own country, Petoria, when he discovered his home was not technically part of the United States.

Despite his shenanigans, he is a fan favorite. Whether he is getting injected with a so-called “gay gene” or suing his doctor for giving him a prostate exam, Peter is a hot mess whose stupidity does not wane between episodes. He is always getting himself into some new trouble and audiences love it it.

6 Chandler Bing (Friends)


It should come as no surprise that Friends funny guy, Chandler Bing, is loved by audiences. Matthew Perry’s casting is perfect. As one-half of one of the best bromances on TV, Chandler is highly sarcastic and cannot hold back jokes. During a job interview, he couldn’t help but crack jokes when asked about his duties.

Chandler’s upbringing led him to have commitment issues. He even stated, “Up until I was 25, I thought the only response to ‘I love you’ was ‘Oh crap.'” His musings on relationships, careers, and stealing cheesecake from neighbors are hilarious and unforgettable.

5 Bugs Bunny (Looney Tunes)

Bugs Bunny reads a book in The Looney Tunes Show

Bugs Bunny is a timeless character, making his first official appearance in A Wild Hare in 1940, opposite Elmer Fudd. Bugs is charismatic, often able to talk himself out of any situation. Bugs found himself in the middle of bullfighting with a bull ready to attack. He bops the bull on his nose and tells him to stop steaming up his tail.

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Bugs also goes through plenty of costume changes, including dressing as a king, orchestra conductor, and baseball player. He finds himself in so many situations beyond just rabbit hunting season with Elmer Fudd. His arguments and jokes catapulted him into stardom and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

4 Eric Cartman (South Park)

Even though Eric Cartman is one of the main characters in South Park, Stan, Kyle, and Kenny agree that they have no idea why they started hanging out with him in the first place. He is lazy and loudmouthed, demanding his mom bring him Cheesy Poofs regularly in the earlier episodes. He causes most of the trouble that the boys find themselves in and it makes for entertaining television.

Eric Cartman’s pettiness and sarcasm are what makes him funny to audiences. His schemes to make money are something else entirely. He opens a burger business where he inserts the burgers into his butt. He also becomes a realtor in an effort to compete with his realtor mother. Cartman is sure to get a few laughs with each episode.

3 Stewie Griffin (Family Guy)

Stewie Griffin in Family Guy

Even as the youngest member of the family, Stewie Griffin is stand-out comedy gold on Family Guy, His intelligence is on another level compared to his family. He is a tiny, evil genius that would surely grow up to take over the world. From his fake British accent to plotting to kill Lois, Stewie is a hilarious character adored by audiences.

Stewie’s inventions add to his future-villain personality. He built a mind-control device, time machine, and teleportation device, among other inventions. His small figure and young age coupled with his flamboyant and violent nature are so opposite and unexpected that it leaves an impression on all viewers.

2 Dwight Schrute (The Office)

Fans have strong opinions about Dwight Schrute on The Office, The Assistant (to the) Regional Manage is known for his love of martial arts and beet farming. Whether he is shouting for Michael or bugging Jim’s office with a wooden mallard, Dwight is an iconic comedic character.

He owns a wig resembling every employee and he steals a diaper to prove he’s the father of Angela’s son. His crazy antics are memorable, adding to his unique personality. Audiences will never forget when he cut the face off a CPR dummy to wear over his own, impersonating Hannibal Lecter.

1 Michael Scott (The Office)

Michael Scott Headshot in The Office

Fans have fallen in love with Dunder Mifflin’s Michael Scott on The Office, Despite actually being a very good salesman, Michael is an incompetent manager. He consistently procrastinates and distracts his employees with nonsense like when he burned his foot on a George Foreman grill. Steve Carell’s serious portrayal of the cringey Michael Scott takes the cake for the funniest TV character.

Michael is good-hearted but inept. Fans will remember when he was terrified of turning down an insurance salesman because he thought he was in the mafia. His gullibility and people-pleasing personality provide the perfect storm for amusing antics.

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