10 Reasons Why We Love The Superformance Shelby Cobra 427

For a car to become so popular and get transformed into a kit many years after the original went out of production, speaks volumes for the dedicated fanbase it has created.

Over the years, many kit car companies have come and gone, but Superformance is currently the only manufacturer that holds the license agreement from Shelby, making them the most authentic. If you so choose, they will also gladly put the kit together for you too, at a cost, making it one of the few off-the-shelf (so to speak) Cobras on the market. It is also one of the few that retain a period-correct look and feel, with the others often (one might say for the better) modernized to such an extent that they don’t feel much like a Cobra to drive.

10 A Ready Made Restomod

It is a rather pure little hot-rod, with modern powertrain options and brakes. In many ways, it is the brakes that are the only true 21st-century item, with the Roush tuned 427 and Tremec manual transmission are pretty old, but updated tech.

It also gets obscenely large rubber wrapped around American Racing 18-inch wheels, a far cry from the “spinning in every gear” original 15-inch wheels.

9 Modern Aero

Although the purists may cringe at the sight, we think it adds an extra element to the old design.

Not only will it help the car stay planted, it is a visual representation of the (slightly) modernized Cobra that lies beneath the fiberglass exterior.

8th The Shelby Myth

If you are going to spend close to six figures on a car that won’t even really keep up with a modern sports car that costs half the price, you are clearly buying into the legend.

It is a design that started off British, but thanks to Shelby became synonymous with the American sports car. It is the car that started it all for the Shelby dynasty and will forever be an image of Americana.

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7 all muscles

The 427 is a beast of an engine, making over 500 horsepower and the potential for more if you really need it.

Quite frankly speaking, 500 is already way too much in a car this light with a stiff, but still fairly rudimentary chassis. Much like the original, this is a straight-line monster, going fast in the bendy bits is not something it ever excelled at (even though it was initially supposed to).

6 Classic lines

It’s quite beautiful, even the R version with the aero doesn’t look one bit out of place. The design is timeless, it is pretty much the definition of a sports car.

One thing that varies quite dramatically when it comes to kit cars (and even the original aluminum cars if we are honest) is the build quality, but when it comes to Superformance’s execution, they can’t be faulted.

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5 Visceral Soundtrack

Nothing about this little car is subtle, the most extreme example of this is the noise it makes.

It is, to say the least, an attention grabber, even at idle the thing rumbles. If you start spinning it up and press it to its natural limit of around 5000 rpm, it will deafen you and whoever was brave enough to join you.

4 Driver Focused

With an old school look and feel, this is a car that makes the driver an integral part of all system operations.

It is not for the faint of heart though, even with the updated brakes it still has quite a lot more power than it can handle, this snake bites.

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3 Raw In Every Sense Of The Word

Not only does it have more power than it can handle, much like the original, the only electronics are the lights.

It is raw. It has no form of driver aid or safety net, rear, it doesn’t even have brake servos. Just stopping the thing is a proper workout, getting it through the corners is a balancing act of your will to go fast and the cars’ will to lose grip. It is a fun car. Not a fast car.

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2 A Dying Breed

One might say it is the ultimate nostalgia machine, with period-correct gauges (they even work as poorly as they did in the 60s) and absolutely no safety features.

It harks back to a period in automotive history when safety was a swear word, and gas was very cheap. It is an “approach with caution” type of machine, and that is a rarity in an era where safety has (for good reason) become paramount.

1 Original Cobra Reborn

It laughs in the face of logic and safety, this is unashamedly a toy for the extremely wealthy.

As much as it pains us to say, this is a vehicle that makes absolutely no sense at all, it isn’t that fast compared to modern machinery, it has an awful ride, it is very thirsty, and even a small crash will likely kill you Still, we can’t help but love the thing.

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