15 Surprising Facts About Kevin Hart’s Long-Gone Plymouth Hemi’ Cuda

For those who don’t know, Kevin Hart had owned a super stylish and popular Plymouth Hemi Cuda. The 1970 model, to be precise. While Hart is appreciated for his various acts, fans and critics couldn’t help but admire the actor’s taste of automobiles!

When Hart got in a crash along with his Plymouth, the entertainment media busted with tons of bogus news. Last September, he and two of his buddies were riding the car near Malibu and faced the unfortunate wreckage. Hart suffered, and so did the ever-popular car.

Some myths are still floating around on the internet. People have been curious to know the specs of their favorite comedian’s late car. Automobile engineers have struggled to analyze possible reasons and failures behind the accident. To satisfy your craving for the Plymouth’s specifications, here are a few surprising facts!

15 It’s Not A Barracuda

Automobile tycoons in the late twentieth century came up with the Cuda, Barracuda and Hemi ‘Cuda distinctions. Most people, however, confuse these three. In Kevin’s case, he owned a 1970 Plymouth model. However, with some improvising, he got the original Barracuda transformed it with Hemi ‘Cuda specifications.

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14 Thrilling Brake Package

Considering how the car went out of use, many people questioned its brake package and performance. Fans later calmed down when they learned that the Hemi Cuda was more than ready to face such incidents. It had a six-piston brake kit that was powerful enough to handle abrupt halts without any issues.

13 It Was Custom Made

After all, it’s Kevin Hart. The star went to all lengths to make his Plymouth as extraordinary as he could. He got it specially renovated by the experts at Speedkore Performance. The customizing builders redesigned engines and other performance factors for Hart’s wishes. The car didn’t fail in terms of performance, but for some reason it couldn’t survive the terrible crash.

12 It Had A Fantastic Engine

The Plymouth Hemi ‘Cuda had a Hellcat V-8 engine that was counted as one of the best back then. Kevin Hart had the Speedkore builders replace the engines for the performance he wanted. So, the original V-8 with a 6.4-liter engine was replaced with a 6.2 one. It was taken from a Dodge Challenger Demon and was placed in the Hemi ‘Cuda.

11 Eight speed transmission

Another fact that shocks many Plymouth enthusiasts is that Hart also had the engine paired with an excellent gearbox. The Hellcat V-8 6.2-liter engine teamed up with the steering and ZF 8-gear transmission. This eight-speed automatic is a super popular option!

10 It Has A Lower Height

Amongst other changes, there was another key difference between the original Plymouth and Hart’s version. While the ’70 Plymouth Barracuda sits fairly tall above the ground, Hart changed this setting. He got the Hemi ‘Cuda with a lower suspension for more style, and of course, for having a unique car!

9 It Was Lightweight Alloy

One possible reason the car couldn’t stand the crash could be the way it was built. The Speedkore manufacturers have set precedents for making carbon fiber bodied cars. The car had a lightweight alloy for its base material that gave the car a sporty look that amplified its other features.

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8th A Blend Of Vintage And Modern

Some may not believe it, but Hart had bought the Plymouth to make it a blend of vintage and modern. While he assigned Speedkore to deal with improving the car’s engines and gears, he also retained its basic design.

7 Retro interior

Hart didn’t fully eliminate all the retro vibes, though. He still kept the retro-styled dashboard of the Plymouth Hemi ‘Cuda. The dashboard gauges were also genuine, straight from 1970. Its upholstery was custom made by Gabe’s Custom Upholstery and was every bit as classic as a vintage car.

6 Lakeshore Spray paint

Hart also made sure that the Plymouth didn’t lose its old school charm. When he got the base material, custom made by Speedkore experts, he got a remake of the original car. For the ideal vintage vibes, he got the car spray-painted in Lakeshore blue. This authentic color gave the care a signature look that became a part of Hart’s celebrity identity.

5 It Was For Hart’s Big Day

Hart didn’t get this custom made Plymouth just like any ordinary person. He got the original prototype model highly customized and crafted with care. From its upholstery to its gears to its exterior, everything was proposed by Hart. He ordered it from Speedkore experts and received it on his 40th birthday!

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4 Excellent horse power

The Plymouth Hemi ‘Cuda was also fitted with twin Carter AFB carburetors. Hart got this one because he wished the Plymouth to achieve a horsepower of around 425 hp! The tragic accident truly took away a beast but we are glad Hart got to live.

3 Awesome interior

Though he had a vintage rendition of the Plymouth, Hart didn’t want it to strip it of creature comforts. The seats of the car were stunning, to say the least. Hart had them custom made. These were high-backed, leather bucket seats which were both stylish and ergonomic. The floor of the car had a thick, plush carpet to rest one’s feet on.

2 Wooden frame

For an elaborate, grand feel, Hart had the car’s interiors custom framed. He used wood for the frame of the instrument cluster. Some people believe that all the trouble and fuss were rather extravagant. However, this is what Hart wanted, and it all suited his stardom glam very well!

1 Unbelievable speed

While the car may have met its unfortunate end owing to high speed, its speeding mechanism was commendable, nonetheless. With its superb Hellcat V-8 engine qualities, eight-speed automatic transition and piston brakes, it could attain unbelievable speeds. The car could go to 60 mph in 6 seconds and cover 1/4-mile in just 13 seconds!

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