2005 Ford GT With 950-HP

Destined to be a future classic since its unveiling at the 2002 North American International Auto Show, the first generation ford GT is a tribute to the Le Mans dominating, GT40. Although wider and, more importantly, taller than the original endurance racing car, the cars share a similar outward appearance to each other.

Debuting in 2005 to critical acclaim, demand for the GT outpaced supply tenfold, and the prices quickly went nearly $100,000 over MSRP. A Microsoft executive even went so far as to pay over $550,000 at an auction just to win the rights to purchase the first production Ford GT.

When comparing the $700,000 price tag that executive paid for the original production car, the idea of ​​this blacked-out 2005 Ford GT in Texas seems like a bargain at $479,500.

Boasting just 4,763 miles, this GT features the iconic 5.4-liter V8, known to catapult the driver from 0-62 mph in as little as 3.8 seconds. But we’re guessing that time is a little quicker now, thanks to its updated twin-turbocharger setup.

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Everything’s Bigger In Texas

Currently listed for sale by PC Investments, located in Sherman, Texas, this Ford GT is a great drivable example of an ultra rare exotic car.

Because although a mere 4,763 miles would seem like a brand-new car to the average enthusiast, in Ford GT circles, many examples have never seen four digit mile totals, making this car the perfect blend for a garage queen, and weekend canyon carvers .

It’s clear the original owner had some taste, indicative of the factory delete paint stripe, and Ford “UA” code, Ebony Black paint job, this GT also features the upgraded, high-end Mcintosh stereo and subwoofer kit. The partial matte wrap, however, is a questionable choice.

Sitting on staggered, aftermarket wheels, this GT has some huge feet, boasting 275/30-20 tires in the front, and a gigantic 355/25-21 in the back, making some burnouts or some light-hearted handbrake turns, an expensive strive.

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An Engine Bay You Could Eat Off

Although there isn’t a door ding or loose thread in sight, the real piece de resistance is the twin-turbo V8 engine. Ditching the original Lysholm screw-type supercharger in place of Underground Racing’s twin-turbo kit, featuring custom polished intake and exhaust, this GT produces 950 horsepower. An astounding 400 more horsepower than the factory set-up.

Mated to a Ricardo six-speed manual transmission, you’d have to imagine the factory 3.8 second 0-62 mph time is “slow” compared to this particular Ford.

Dedicated battery tender hookups mitigate the infamous electrical disasters that plagued many of the GTs. Yet another reason this Ford is the perfect investment, you can drive like hell.

Ford GT

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