2023 Nissan Z Performance Is What the Ford Mustang GT Wishes It Was

2023 Nissan Z Performance street drive review highlights:

  • I recently drove a manual 2023 Nissan Z Performance on the streets around Road America in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin
  • While not the sharpest sports car, the Z Performance is fun and more than fast enough to break traction on a rainy road
  • The Z feels like the type of car many people think a stock Ford Mustang GT is, ie, a stylish sports car that’s satisfying to drive outside of straight-line scenarios

Cars & Coffee crash memes notwithstanding, the Ford Mustang is a decently sporty car. However, high-priced Shelby GT500 and maybe the Mach 1 aside, it’s not really a sports car. Sure, some people just want it to make sick V8 noises and go fast in a straight line while looking cool, which it’s rather good at. Yet without some chassis and suspension upgrades, the Mustang isn’t the best choice for twisty-road explorers . But there is a better one: the 2023 Nissan Z Performance.

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