5 Used Sports Cars Whose Prices Have Soared In 2022 (5 That Are Still Cheap)

Hagerty, one of the foremost authorities on a classic car and collectors value, recently released their “bull market list” of 2022, which lists their predictions about what cars are most likely to see spikes in their value as demand rises and supplies dwindle on these out of production vehicles. Some entries on the list were to be expected, no one is surprised that a 1974 Ferrari would increase in value at any time, but some entries on the list, like the Suzuki Samurai or the Tesla sport were surprising.

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The list isn’t all-inclusive though, and there are several cars that Hagerty either forgot or isn’t spending their assessing. That might be for the better because their predictions seem to always come true and someused cars are still readily available for affordable prices, but if one wants to beat the competition they should swoop on any of these cars before they become too expensive for the basic consumer.

10 Bull Market: 1965 Cadillac De Ville

While some can still be found for anywhere between $20,000 and $50,0000, Hagerty predicts that demand for classic Cadillacs is set to skyrocket, and thus will the price tags.

The De Ville is a noteworthy machine with a 429 cubic inch V8 engine block and a 26 gallon gas tank. With their addition to the bull market list, demand is on track to skyrocket.

9 Bull Market: 1974 Ferrari 246 Dino

Of course, Ferrari’s are already one of the most expensive cars in the world, so a spike in their value is never a surprise. But the exponential increase in value of the 246 Dino is worth noting.

Previously, Dino’s have been selling for upwards of $100,000 for years. Now, Hagerty estimates show that the 1974 Dino is poised to sell for at least $300,000 in the coming years.

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8th Bull Market: 1963 Mercedes Benz 230SL

Like Ferrari, a Mercedes-Benz increasing in value is no surprise, especially a classic like the 230 SL, which features 150 horsepower from one of the first engines with fuel injection.

While some are still selling their 1963 – 1966 models for $46,000, Hagerty estimates that in the not too distant future the 1963 Mercedes-Benz 230 SL will fetch up to $100,000.

7 Bull Market: 1966 Pontiac GTO

Pontiac GTOs have been off the market ever since 2006 and all Pontiacs were officially discontinued by Chrysler three years later. But during their heyday Pontiac made some of the best sedans, sports, and muscle cars on the market. One of the brands best was the GTO.

The 1966 Model features a hefty V8 engine with 360 horsepower, while previously some sold for as low as $40,000, they are poised to be worth over $120,000 by the end of 2022.

6 Bull Market: 1995 Porsche 968

The 1995 Porsche 968 is likely to increase in value because it was “one of the best handling cars” according to Hagerty.

Benefits of this ride include a water-cooled turbo engine and the now novel pop-up headlights famous on 80s and 90s sports cars.

More good news is that the car is relatively inexpensive even with the value increase, they currently sell for around $34,000 but are poised to be worth around $50,000, which is fair.

5 Still Cheap: Ford Mustang Fox Platform

Fox platforms were an interesting design choice by Ford because they allegedly made modifications much easier and were the longest-running platform used by the company. while

the Fox body was abandoned in 1993, several models still make the rounds in auction and on lots.

Supply for these out of production cars is twiddling, but some can still be found with sticker prices as low as $30,000. If one were to purchase these before it gets added to the next bull market list, one could be in a position where they sit an incredibly rare Mustang with a high resale and collectors value.

4 Still Cheap: Ford Mustang Boss 302

Another Mustang that collectors might want to jump on before value spikes is the second generation Boss 302. This only twice released car (1969 & 2012) featured a 5-liter V8 with 444 horsepower

The Boss 302 is poised to spike in demand as classic Mustangs always spike in value if well maintained. A good 302 can be yours for anywhere from $30,000 to $40,000 and considering this Mustang trim has only seen production twice, supply will eventually shrink more than it already has.

3 Still Cheap: Nissan 300ZX Z31

The 300ZX is one of the best Nissans ever to leave the factory floor and the Z31 is probably one of the best of the best. It has a twin-turbo engine and pop-up headlights. Fortunately, these cars can still be found for prices as low as $12,000, and some sellers are asking for even less!

Unfortunately, supply is dwindling as the Z31 was pulled from production in 1989. Collectors interested in getting this car would be wise to buy sooner rather than later.

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2 Still Cheap: BMW Series 1 M Coupe

Like many cars on this list, it is no surprise when a luxury brand increases in value or becomes a collectible. What is a surprise is that the Series 1 M Coupe is poised to become a collectible sooner than one might think because only 800 models ever made it to the US market.

With only 800 produced the price is destined to skyrocket, currently, they can still be purchased for around $40,000 (the same price it cost when new) but some are selling for up to $60,000 and that number will only go up.

1 Still Cheap: 1992 Alfa Romeo 164

Concluding the list is the 1992 Alfa Romeo 164, with a 3.5-liter V6 engine and 230 horsepower. Production on the 164 ended in 1998, after the company had released around 200,000 to the market.

Available for less than $10,000, demand is likely to spike and drive the cost of this car sky-high, as Alfa Romeos tend to sell for an average of anywhere between $30,000 and $40,000.

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