7 Exercises To Get A Chest Like Mickey Hargitay

Miklós “Mickey” Hargitay was a Hungarian-born American actor and bodybuilder. Born in 1926 in Budapest, Hungary, Mickey Hargitay was a world-renowned bodybuilder known for his incredible physique. He was the recipient of the Mr. Universe title in 1955.

Hargitay was known for his strength, being able to bench press 280 pounds with ease. He used his strength to his advantage, building an enviable physique and making a career for himself in the movies.

If you want to grow your chest muscles like Mickey Hargitay, here are seven great barbell exercises you can do.

How to Build a Strong Chest Like Mickey Hargitay

1) Flat Bench Press

The flat bench press is the best way to grow your chest and build substantial muscle. It targets your entire pectoral region while also engaging your triceps and shoulders. The usage of the barbell allows you to lift heavier loads, which thereby increases strength, which in turn results in bigger, better muscles.

2) Incline Bench Press

While the flat bench press is excellent, it doesn’t fully target all the muscles you need to have a strong chest like Mickey Hargitay. The incline bench press is the superior exercise for that purpose. It enables you to hit your upper chest in a way that flat bench pressing cannot.

It targets the clavicular pectoralis, a smaller underlying muscle beneath the pectoralis major. This is a small but tremendously important muscle for upper chest growth and development.

For a holistic approach to building muscle in your chest, it is also essential to target your upper region. Incline bench pressing also takes the load off your shoulders, and the wide grip allows you to get lower, resulting in a deep range of motion.

3) Decline Bench Press

Just as the incline bench press targets the small but stubborn area of ​​the upper chest, the decline press does the exact opposite. Your lower chest is something that isn’t the most useful when pressing. It remains primarily neglected and requires special attention.

While most people overlook it, the impact of a well-developed lower chest is unthinkable. It builds your chest to a point where it looks whole and even, making it look much more aesthetic.

4) Landmine Press

The Landmine press is a unique and efficient exercise for building chest muscles like Mickey Hargitay. It activates your upper body, from your pectorals to your deltoids, trapezius, and even your lower body, such as your glutes and hamstrings.

The landmine press can be used to build incredible amounts of muscle in your chest, as it allows you to stand vertically, immediately placing you in complete gravitational control of the weight. This added benefit will enable you to squeeze tighter, which results in a more significant contraction of the pectoral muscles.

5) Reverse-Grip Bench Press

The Reverse-Grip Bench Press is a variation of the traditional bench press. However, as the name suggests, it is performed with a supinated (reversed) grip rather than a neutral grip. This exercise may seem hard at first, but it is excellent for targeting your clavicular pectoralis and building a strong upper chest.

6) Landmine Fly

Landmine Fly is a criminally underrated chest exercise overlooked in favor of their machine, cable, and dumbbell variants. However, landmine fly can not break the monotony of these exercises but also provide slow, controlled movements and significant muscular contraction.

Landmine fly engages your pectoral muscles, deltoids, trapezius, and latissimus dorsi. This not only helps you build immense muscle but makes you incredibly strong too.

7) Barbell Pull-Overs

Barbell Pull-Overs are typically associated with development in the latissimus dorsi and pectoral region, and while that’s true, this exercise is so much more. It can be used to build incredible amounts of strength in your chest, helping you build strong pecs like Mickey Hargitay. It makes your entire upper body strong, as it uses a combination of several muscles to perform the movement.

Barbell Pull-Overs are tricky to perform, so it is advisable to start with a lighter weight and build slowly. An all-rounder exercise like this will give you a bodybuilder chest like Mickey Hargitay.


Mickey Hargitay’s immense strength is something special. His ability to effortlessly lift heavy loads was characterized by his love for bodybuilding and his desire to be the strongest he possibly could be.

He had a gift, and he used that to his benefit. If you desire to be as strong as him and build a chest like Hargitay, work hard, eat right, and stay consistent. The results will follow.

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