A Look Back At The 1969 Double COPO Camaro

Undoubtedly, Camaro remains one of the most popular Chevy cars of all time. Since the launch of the marque in 1966, there have been some incredible Camaro models that have seen huge success. One of those was the 1969 Chevrolet Double COPO Camaro.

Chevrolet’s 1969 Double COPO Camaro is part of the first-generation model, which stands out in comparison to its younger sibling, as well as its standard model of the same generation. Notably, 1969 was one of the best years for Chevrolet, seeing as the Double COPO boast more engine options and sleeker styling as well as limited numbers.

Let’s take a closer look back at the 1969 Double COPO Camaro and what makes it so great.

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The 1969 Double COPO Camaro Has A Greater Appearance Than Its Peers

The 1969 COPO Camaro is one of the most iconic muscle car legends within the automotive world and Chevrolet’s lineup. It is popular among the community for its race-inspired style and high performance.

With the first-ever generation of Camaro’s hitting the scene in 1966, it wasn’t long until the Chevrolet brand got the styling right. Their 1969 Double COPO Camaro is nothing but sleek and stylish. It offers a lower and wider body that offers a much tougher appearance. This lower body set the way for the future of Camaro’s, as many models ever since have gone about keeping this same look.

As well as the tougher bodywork and overall look, there were options to add specific cosmetic packages and trim codes, which would enhance the performance of the car as well as the appearance.

The Specifications Of A Double COPO Vs Standard COPO

Speaking of the optional packages from Chevrolet, there was an option to add on a Sports Car Conversion Package, whereby drivers could experience an increase in speed to enjoy up to 140 MPH. Likewise, with a significantly stronger suspension and more power (up to 427 horsepower to be exact), a driver could enjoy more comfort while attaining a better performance.

Nonetheless, the standard package that came with the 1969 standard COPO Camaro model was pretty impressive alone.

The engine was a V8, which was great for racing and testing out on the tracks. Seeing as the COPO was a street-legal car, it saw very limited numbers in production for 1969. Around 1,000 standard models were made for 1969, which was due to General Motors not wanting their cars to have a dangerous name. Hence, there were a limited number of V8 Camaro’s on offer for public sale.

Around 40 of those went to Berger, a famous Michigan dealer, where the name Double COPO was born. The Double COPO models have the code name 9737 and were the few that boast the Sports Car Conversion Package, which was those that saw an increase in speed and power.

This COPO system, which stands for Central Office Production Order, was in use for commercial vehicles like trucks or police cars at the time. Yet, those that enjoy hot rod vehicles (in this case, Berger) took it upon themselves to cheat the system and get some big blocks in the ride. Thereafter, the Double COPO Camaro was born in 1969 and still, only 40 models are floating around the market.

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The 1969 Double COPO Camaro: The Price Then And The Price Today

The price of a 1969 Double COPO Camaro is very different today from what it once was. At the time of release, the COPO models were on sale for around $4,185. The upgrade for the sports package would cost around $489 on top, making the car a little over $4,500. Back in the late ’60s, this price wasn’t too bad. It might not have made it the cheapest car around. But, it was an impressive muscle car, and those never come cheap.

On the flip side and in the current market, the 1969 Double COPO Camaro sells for an astonishing price. These models were in production in a small batch, and with there being only 40 Double COPO Camaro models, they sell for anywhere from $225,000 and upwards. The price could go as high as $450,000 in some cases, which will likely be cars in great condition.

Should someone be willing to splash a quarter of a million dollars for a car, then they could be that lucky someone to own one of the 40 rare 1969 Double COPO Camaro models on the market.

In summary, the 1969 Double COPO Camaro was an incredible muscle car. Not only did it offer the performance, but it also offers the looks to go with it. With only 40 ever made, it sure takes the reign for being one of the best muscle cars to come out of the Chevrolet garage.

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