‘A Newcomer’s Guide to Gardening in South Florida’

Got a green thumb?

If you’ve recently moved to the South Florida area and want to know about gardening in the (sub)tropics, now is the time, and the place is Mounts Botanical Garden.

Presented by Mounts Botanical Garden docent, holistic landscape designer and UF/IFAS Florida Friendly Landscape Award winner Nada Vergili, the “Newcomer’s Guide to Gardening in South Florida” can help you get up to speed.

With a deep passion for gardening and creating landscapes, Vergili will teach participants which plants thrive in a sub-tropical climate, how to improve soil quality, what to plant in the sun/shade (or a little bit of both), and how to avoid common mistakes people make when moving to South Florida.

In addition to bringing new residents up to speed on plants in our area, A Newcomer's Guide to Gardening in South Florida also includes a walking tour at Mounts Botanical Garden.

The No. 1 thing Vergili recommends is actually the UF/IFAS (University of Florida, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences) golden rule: “Right plant, right place.”

Many people moving to this area have their hearts set on species they love from back home, Vergili said. Many of those plants, however, just don’t fare well in a sub-tropical climate.

With enough work, some northern plants can survive in our area — but that it’s like putting a “square peg in a round hole,” she said.

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