Air rifles are used for big game in many states. Is Wisconsin next?

GAYLORD, Mich. – The range at Northland Sportsmen’s Club near Gaylord was “hot.”

Chris Turek of Traverse City looked through the telescopic sight on top of a .30 caliber rifle, settled the crosshairs on the paper target 50 yards downrange, flicked off the safety and pulled the trigger.


That was no misfire. It was the sound of compressed air from a cylinder on the rifle propelling a slug with enough energy for hunting white-tailed deer and many other big game animals.

No smoke, no bang, no recoil.

“A lot to like, that’s for sure,” said Turek, a representative of the manufacturer of the rifle, FX Airguns of Sweden, and an advocate for the category overall.

The class of air rifles is known as pre-charged pneumatic, or PCP.

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