America the Beautiful Trailer Showcases Stunning North American Landscapes

This Fourth of July, celebrate America with a brand-new series from Disney+ and National Geographic as part of their Independence Day celebration. America the Beautiful is a six-episode documentary series coming soon to the streamer, and the official trailer has been released.

The trailer gives viewers a glimpse at the stunning nature one can find throughout North America, as Michael B. Jordan‘s narration includes lines from “America the Beautiful,” the song the series shares its title with. As he continues, related images appear. The trailer shows everything from sprawling dry landscapes, lush green forests, snowy regions, and more. It gives glimpses at the animals viewers can expect to see in the series as they hunt for food, tend to their young, battle for dominance, and generally go about their lives.


America the Beautiful, narrated by Jordan, showcases the breathtaking wildlife and landscapes across North America, from the peaks of mountains to the depths of the oceans, providing looks at the unique creatures in various regions. Per Disney+ and National Geographic, “The goal is to inspire audiences to conserve the precious habitats and residents found in our own backyards…Each episode of America the Beautiful showcases smart and brave animal heroes of all sizes — from grizzlies to bald eagles, mountain lions to honeypot ants — whose funny and amazing antics are brought to life with character-led storytelling.”

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America the Beautiful marks the first natural history series to mount cinema-grade cameras on fighter jets to capture the scenery included in the series, allowing viewers to see how the various landscapes connect to one another. The technique also allowed the team to capture footage of wild weather at close range such as tornadoes and supercells. On the ground, the team used remote cameras and gyro-stabilized cameras for never-before-seen and elusive animal behavior. In the final episode, they worked directly with Indigenous tribes to celebrate human conservation, bison re-introduction in Montana, and the Gwich’in people of Alaska’s battle to protect the arctic refuge from oil exploration.

The six episodes include “Land of Heroes,” which features “endearing, majestic, and downright bizarre” creatures from grizzlies to prairie dogs; “Waterland,” which focuses on the southeastern US; “Northland,” which will showcase mountains and the Arctic tundra; “Wild West,” which brings viewers to the southwestern US for desert landscapes to the ocean and highlights mountain lions, gray whales, and hummingbirds; “Heartland,” which will show how some wildlife experiences four seasons in a day, such as bison, wolves, owls, and bobcats; and “Brave New World,” which features wildlife heroes fighting to preserve nature who represent everyday people across all ages and walks of life.

America the Beautiful features “an inspiring soundtrack that not only evokes pride but also the diversity of America.” Joseph Trapanese composed the score, with featured performances by Ojibwe powwow singer Joe Rainey Sr.Native drum maker and singer Dylan Jennings ,Bizhikiins-Young Buffalo), Italian-Korean American violinist Lucia MicarelliBlack American bluesman Leonard “Lowdown” BrownLos Angeles-based multiethnic vocal ensemble Tonality lead by Black American conductor Alexander Blakeand more. S. Carey and Trapanese co-wrote and produced the theme music.

America the Beautiful is executive produced by Mark Linfield and Vanessa Berlowitz for Wildstar Films and Ashley Hoppin for National Geographic. Dan Rees serves as the showrunner.

America the Beautiful arrives on Disney+ on July 4. Check out the trailer below:

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