‘America’s Got Talent’ on NBC: Who are CUBCAKES? Young but fierce dancing troupe commands stage

The audition rounds for Season 17 of ‘America’s Got Talent’ began with a bang. Cubcakes Dance Crew, a Junior Team Division group, is a tough hip-hop army of younglings whose cuteness will be matched by their agility and tenacity in the fourth round of auditions at ‘AGT.’

‘America’s Got Talent’ is an NBC favorite that has aired for 16 seasons. Last September, magician Dustin Tavella was crowned Season 16 Winner, and fans are eager to see who will take home the next million-dollar prize. From beautiful vocalists like Victory Brinker to dazzling aerialist acts like Aidan Bryant, ‘AGT’ always attracts a diverse range of talent. Since its inception in 2006, numerous artists, mostly singers, have won the top prize on NBC’s ‘AGT.’ The number one question in viewers’ minds is who will join their ranks in ‘AGT’ Season 17?


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Who are the Cubcakes Dance Crew?

Thalia Ramos, a choreographer who has worked as an assistant to a few professional choreographers, founded this Hip Hop juvenile dance group in Orange County, California. They competed in the Duels in Season 2 of ‘World of Dance.’ The dancers were 9-12 on ‘WOD,’ thus they should now be 13-16 years old. This group also performed at the Latin AMAs alongside ANITTA and appeared on The CW’s ‘The Big Stage.’ Thalia, who is based in Los Angeles, is determined to carve her own path in the dance community. Her young crew CUBCAKES is most known for its efforts to integrate conscious learning into the dance school system. Her work has been described as a remarkable combination of variety and aesthetic breadth since she began her professional career. She has created space and taken on work that allows her to help people, teach mindfulness, generate dialogue, collaborate on creative projects, and explore infinite movement discoveries. She is eternally thankful for the opportunity to see how this work impacts dancers, audiences, communities, and herself.

The CUBCAKES organization offers advanced dance instruction that aims to completely engage all areas of the learner’s personality (intellect, emotions, imagination, and body) for more effective and thorough learning to achieve personal and professional goals. Members of the CUBCAKES (11-15) and SHORTCAKES (ages 6-10) train exclusively with her. They collaborate with dancers and artists that provides them with many quality training-performance opportunities in a wide variety of events as is feasible during each yearly cycle.

When they performed on ‘WOD,’ the judges and viewers were astounded to see the small kids of their age walk out on stage with such elegance and command, to see them so unafraid to do what they love. The crew was powerful, clean, and accurate, and had practiced extensively. The small lads had all the makings of a fantastic dancing squad. The judges on the show said they were wise beyond their years. Their performance was flawless and well-timed. The dancers were noted for their extremely hazardous but flawless flips. They may be in their early teens, but their personalities are out of this world. They were recognized on the show for how they mutually supported each other. The charming yet vicious CUBCAKES scored enough points to push them over the 80-point mark required to proceed to the competition’s subsequent “Duels” round.

If you want to witness how the young dancing troupe set the ‘America’s Got Talent’ stage on fire, watch the newest episode on NBC on June 21 at 8 pm


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