An ‘All-America’ celebration of horticulture

One of the greatest celebrations of the year occurs on July 4, Independence Day, when Americans proudly celebrate their freedom and remember the dedication, hard work and unified spirit that have given us life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for 246 years and counting.

From a horticultural perspective, we are extremely fortunate to live in a country with a temperate climate and abundant natural resources that allow us to enjoy many of our parks and gardens year-round. Across the United States, gardening enthusiasts embrace time-honored traditions of sharing their plant material, knowledge and experiences with one another during the growing season. Many tried and true plants have been passed on from one generation to the next through seeds, cuttings or divisions. Others, however, are brand new to the market and may require a period of evaluation to determine how well suited they are for growing in the gardens of a particular region of the country.

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