Are Liquid Diets Safe For You?

Liquid diets involve eating only juices, soups or shakes for meals


  • Liquid diets may offer quick weight loss
  • Weight loss achieved by following liquid diet cannot be sustained
  • The diet can make you feel fatigued and cause hair loss

Ever considered going on a liquid diet for quick weight loss? We bet you have! As the name suggests, it is a diet which involves consumption of only liquids. When following a liquid diet, you need to get all, or most of your calories from soups and drinks. Weight loss from following a liquid diet can be achieved by drinking only fruit and vegetable juices or shakes. Juices or shakes are going to be the 3 or 4 meals that you are going to have in a day. In some liquid diets, you can have solid meal for dinner and a liquid meal for breakfast and lunch. It is better to follow a liquid diet under the supervision of an expert, in order to avoid any adverse health outcomes.

Are liquid diets a good idea for weight loss?

Just like other calorie-restrictive diets, even liquid diets can help you lose weight. However, as is the case with popular weight loss diets like keto diet and low-carb diet, liquid diets may not have a lasting effect on weight loss.

This is because when you cut calories drastically, it slows down your metabolism. A healthy working metabolism is an essential prerequisite for quick weight loss. It is only with a healthy, properly functioning metabolism that you can sustain weight loss. The moment you get back to your normal eating routine, you regain the weight you lost while following the liquid diet.

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An alternative, probably safer strategy to follow liquid diet could be to include both solid foods and liquid meals simultaneously. This strategy can also help in controlling the number of calories you consume in a day, for achieving quick weight loss.


Liquid diet for weight loss: Try including solid foods in liquid diet to stay healthy
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Are liquid diets safe?

Nutritionist Nmami Agarwal is of the opinion that liquid diets lack vitamins, minerals and macronutrients. Following a liquid diet can be both risky for your health, and difficult to follow in the long term. “Don’t drink your way downhill. It may seem like a quick fix to you for now, but it is not something that can be maintained long term,” she writes in her Instagram post.

According to WebMD, an extremely low calorie diet like liquid diet can make it difficult to create a balance of protein, carbs, vitamins, minerals and fats. Thus, it is recommended that you follow liquid diet under medical supervision.

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Lack of essential vitamins and minerals in your diet can make you feel tired, irritated, dizzy, constipated and may even cause hair loss and muscle loss.

Instead of being so harsh on yourself and following strict diet that has the capability of making you feel starved all the time, it is better to go for a healthy weight loss option. Try intermittent fasting or practice portion control, exercise regularly, get proper sleep and take rest. A healthy weight loss that can be sustained for a long period of time is the one which is gradually achieved, over a period of time.

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