‘Be Mbitious’: Meet the 21 finalists who are one step closer to Mnet ‘Street Man Fighter’

We are finally closer to the male dance crew survival show ‘Street Man Fighter’. After the immense success of Mnet’s ‘Street Woman Fighter’ which was the first survival show for all-female dance crews, the channel announced sequels and spin-offs like ‘Street Dance Girls Fighter’, ‘Be Mbitious’, ‘Any Body Can Dance’ ‘, and ‘Street Man Fighter’. Well, ‘Be Mbitious’ is already underway and is close to the finale as the 21 finalists have already been selected.

With solo dancers wanting to compete in the dance crew competition ‘Street Man Fighter’, Mnet launched the prequel ‘Be Mbitious’ where solo dancers can compete to join the specially made dance crew for ‘Street Man Fighter’. Along with professional dancers, we have also had idols competing in the show like KARD’s BM, ONF’s U, Pentagon’s Kino, Noh Taehyun, Hoya of Infinite fame, and more.


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Jinwoo and Taehyun have made it to the finals (@mnet_dance/Instagram)

21 finalists of ‘Be Mbitious’

Well, episode 3 of ‘Be Mbitious’ took place on May 31 on Mnet with the mentors who happen to be the contestants of ‘Street Woman Fighter’. One-on-one dance battles took place with the loser getting eliminated. The mentors selected the 21 winners of each dance battle, out of which, viewers will have to vote for their favorite by watching and liking their performances on The Choom’s YouTube channel by June 4 at 11:59 pm KST (10:59 am ET) . The top 8 finalists will form a dance crew together to compete on ‘Street Man Fighter’.

Harry June and Wootae have made it to the finals (@mnet_dance/Instagram)

The 21 contestants are as follows:
Pentagon’s Kino is the main dancer and choreographer of his group.
Yoon Jinwoo is a professional dancer and has choreographed for NCT 127.
Tarzan is known for his masculine hip hop style of dancing.
Cha Hyunseung is a popular idol backup dancer of Sunmi. He was targeted by 9 participants.
pyoungya is a famous professional dancer and ran a fever for practicing too hard during the ‘Hey Mama’ mission.
Dan is known for break dancing and majored in contemporary dancing.
5000 is a veteran street dancer and has won 50 battles.
Hoya was the main dancer of his former K-pop group Infinite.
Bae Seungyoon specializes in girl hip hop and waacking and was Honey J’s student.
Noh Taehyun of Hotshot fame went viral for his bold comments against dancers looking down on idols.
Yamakasi is a Mongolian hip hop dancer and picked veteran Crazy Kyo for the battle round.
Wootae is a professional choreographer who has worked with the likes of SHINee and EXO.
Xhin is a dance instructor who specializes in jazz and waacking.
Trendy Rock is a strong performer and was the first to become a ‘Respect Dancer’.
Ohbody is a veteran choreographer, known as Tier One of first-gen dancers and has also taught several of the participants.
Harry June is one of the dancers of the K-pop group DKB.
Kim Jungwoo is the youngest participant and is known for his krumping.
Biggle is a hip hop dancer and choreographer.
Brother Bin is a child dance influencer and was the creator of the ‘Leave The Door Open’ TikTok challenge.
lil’c is known for his popping dance moves.
Ukun is a hip hop dancer and is part of the popular dance crew Color.

At the moment, Taehyun is leading the most-viewed performance video followed by Hoya, Hyunseung, Seungyoon, and Kim Jungwoo.

‘Be Mbitious’ airs every Tuesday and Wednesday on Mnet at 10:20 pm KST (9:20 am ET).


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