Best Amazon Prime Day Fitness Deals 2022


Remember during the pandemic when there was an additional collective meltdown about staying in shape while stuck at home, so everybody wiped the country clean of dumbbells? And they were selling on eBay for $200 for really no good reason? Yeah, we don’t miss that. A positive, however, is that many people came to actually enjoying working out at home or at least having the option to. And now, not only are prices on workout equipment back to normal, there’s a whole bunch of stuff on sale, too.

For Amazon Prime Day, stay on the lookout for on-sale fitness products and tools that can help you either get in a good workout or a solid recovery from the comfort of your own living room. Although Prime Day official sales haven’t hit yet (we’re told they will come to be in early July), there are plenty of fitness deals to start shopping now.

Maybe it’s time you finally got a few heavier dumbbells or you have admitted to yourself that a bench really would be worth the money and that your basement stairs simply are not doing the trick anymore. Or maybe you’ve been eyeing some of those pricey percussive massage guns and need a little convincing that now is the time. Here, we rounded up a few of the fitness sales you can shop now, and we will update them as more Prime Day deals start rolling through.

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Hex Dumbbells Set of Four

A set of hex dumbbells make working out so much easier, especially when you have a bunch of weight options to choose from. It means a lot less adjusting and a lot more energy spent on the actual workout, rather than figuring out what weights you’re going to use with said workout.

Bowflex blew up over the past few years because of its innovative ways of sticking a whole bunch of functions into one-off tools. This is essentially an entire gym setup with a bench you can use for rows and leg presses. There’s a cable system and a setup for lat pull downs. It’s a game changer.

Perhaps you do not need the entire set up but could really use a bench for certain exercises. This one is easy to adjust and move around a room.

If your workout space isn’t big enough to outfit with an entire home gym floor but you still want something substantial, these large yoga mats are a great option. It’s 7 feet x 5 feet and a cushy 8mm thick. Plenty of room for moving in all planes of motion without stepping onto the garage floor.

And if that’s still too big or you also want the option to work out in, say, an apartment opt ​​for an oversized yoga mat. It’s not the kind that you’d want to drag into a studio but it’s a little longer and a little wider than your standard mat.

If this isn’t the recovery tool you’ve been eyeing since Christmas, we find it hard to believe you could possibly be spending a lot of time on the internet. People love this neck massager, which has all of the heat and pressure to tough neck knots that a massage chair does but take up a fraction of the space.

If you’ve been considering and then talking yourself out of buying a massage gun, let this be the answer to your dilemma. A lot of massage guns are very powerful and very expensive. This one is less of both, but a great option to have around for help with achy muscles. All of the attachments make it work even more efficiently, too.

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