Best back exercises to grow bigger muscles.

A strong back requires you to do certain back exercises that work on the big as well as small muscles. You cannot ignore either of the muscles if you want to build a big, strong back.

6 best back exercises for a bigger and stronger back

During your back workout, you have to focus on your upper, middle, and lower back. Here are the exercises that can work on all three parts of the back.

1) Lat pulldown

You can do this exercise using the lat pulldown machine, cable machine, or resistance bands. This exercise works on the broadest part of your back muscles.

It helps with improving posture, growing a bigger back, and activating all the muscles. Additionally, since it’s a compound movement, lat pulldown works on the biceps as well.

2) Barbell row

Any exercise you should perform focus on putting enough pressure on the muscles to force them to grow. Barbell rows are another exercise that focuses on the triangular-shaped muscle which spreads across the entire back and works on the lower back as well.

For this exercise, start with a lighter weight and progressively move to heavier ones. Proper posture is important for just about any exercise you perform, but it’s particularly crucial when using heavier weights. Poor form in this exercise could end up injuring your back and spine.

3) Single arm dumbbell row

This is another compound exercise. It works on the upper and lower back in addition to biceps, shoulders, and hips.

You can either use a bench to do this exercise, or put the opposite leg on the bench. Alternatively, you can keep both feet on the ground and use a slightly lower platform to keep your hand in support.

Another variation to this exercise is the double-handed dumbbell row.

4) Seated cable row

Seated cable row is a back exercise that you must have in your workout routine. It works on your middle back along with shoulders and upper back. Additionally, seated cable rows work on the thickness of the back too.

To make it more effective, every time you pull the weights, squeeze your shoulder blades, hold for two seconds, and let go slowly. The more you control the negative, the more your muscles get worked on.

5) Reverse fly

Reverse flyes work on your upper back and shoulders, but they also help with activating smaller muscles.

Most back exercises are compound movements and the bigger muscles come into play. However, you must do exercises that focus on the smaller muscles as well. This way you’ll be able to grow your back thicker and stronger in the best way possible.

6) Pull ups

A bodyweight back exercise is a must. If you master bodyweight exercises as part of your resistance training, you’ll likely get results much faster.

Pull-ups can be used as warm-ups, cool-downs, or even as super-sets with other exercises. Initially, you can start on a pull-up machine where the weight helps you. Next, move to a resistance band. Once you can do pull-ups easily with resistance bands, move to simple bodyweight pull-ups without any assistance.

The final step in a simple pull-up variation is to add plate weights tied around your waist for additional resistance.

Bottom line

These are some of the back exercises which focus on all three parts and activate all the muscles. Of course, you’ll need to warm-up, cool down, and add variations of the above to keep your muscles from hitting a plateau.

Finally, and most importantly, getting bigger and stronger is really a function of your nutrition. If your goal is to be bigger and add muscle mass, be on a calorie surplus and increase your protein intake to 1g per pound of body weight.


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