Blog: The Rights of a Cyclist on the Road (6/13/22)

Cyclists often face the most abuse when riding their bicycles on public roads. Other motorists perceive them as distractions or potential hazards bound to cause an accident. Because of that, cyclist rights are trampled over on public roads by vehicle drivers. This does not mean that those rights do not exist.

Cyclists do have rights just as all other vehicles do on the road. What are these rights, and how can they be protected? Here is all you need to know about a cyclist’s rights on the road.

Common causes for cyclist-involved accidents

Car drivers are the main cause of accidents involving cyclists. Due to road rage or other causes, car drivers might not want to share the road with cyclists. As a result, they might disregard their turn signals or act hostile against cyclists. That hostility could cause an accident and lead to potential legal issues.

On the other hand, the cyclist could also cause an accident since they might not have rear-view mirrors or other accident-prevention. You could search for Attorneys Near Me if another motorist caused an accident involving you as a cyclist. has experienced lawyers listed on their search engine.

Available legal options after an accident

There are several legal options after an accident. One of them is settling with the at-fault motorist. They can agree to pay a lump-sum upfront for any damages. Alternatively, you can escalate the matter to a claims court if the motorist is not cooperative.

Both these options are the best for a cyclist-involved accident. However, they require legal assistance to ensure that everything is up to standard. Contacting a lawyer will help you get sound legal advice and representation whenever necessary. Also, do not accept a gentleman’s agreement but ensure that it is documented and signed.

Protecting your rights as a cyclist

Protecting your right as a cyclist is essential to change the mindset of other motorists on this. One sure-fire way of protecting these rights is ensuring that you respect other motorists. Use hand signals when turning, obey road rules, and avoid causing traffic. Wear a helmet as this is a standard for most states and cities.

Get legal assistance whenever necessary to get help with protecting your rights as a cyclist. For example, if someone crashes into you as a cyclist, remain calm and report the incident to the authorities. In the event of a hit-and-run, take down the license plates and give this information to the police and attorney.

Riding on the cyclists’ lane

As a cyclist, you have an undisputed right to utilize the cyclist’s lane demarcated in most metropolitan cities. These lanes lay out the best route for cyclists and help them coexist with other motorists. Whenever there is a cyclist’s lane, the general rule of thumb is that the cyclists take precedence when crossing the road.

Therefore, they have the right of way on this lane unless there are explicit signs that depict otherwise. If a motorist bumped you with their vehicle despite having the right of way as a cyclist on this lane, contact Fort Lauderdale Car Accident Lawyers to claim damages.

Cyclist’s right on normal roads

What about cyclists riding on regular roads that do not have a special lane dedicated for them? Do they have rights on those normal public roads? Yes, indeed. Attorneys from Fort Lauderdale Accident Lawyers help protect these rights they have, especially if other motorists have violated them.

Cyclists have the same right as other vehicles on the road. Some states and cities have specific rules about this, but most have standardized their cycling policies. For this reason, cyclists should follow standard road rules when riding in a regular public without a specialized lane.

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