Brighton nursery offers succulents, other plants for gardeners

BRIGHTON TWP. — Sarah Goodwin, the owner of a new houseplant nursery near Brighton, said succulents attract people from across the gardening spectrum.

The mostly desert plants come in all shapes and colors, and they grow and flower in unique, and often surprising, ways.

Those with green thumbs and gardening experience collect them for their unique qualities. And then there are the other kind of gardeners.

“I get two types of customers,” Goodwin said. “I get those who totally neglect plants, which is actually good for succulents.”

Goodwin, who opened The Succulent Shoppe on Grand River Avenue, says succulents are also a perfect fit for people prone to kill houseplants.

She said the trick is to not water them much and wait until leaves start to wrinkle and dry up before watering again.

“They don’t need a lot of water, but they do need a lot of sun,” she pointed out.

The Succulents Shoppe owner Sarah Goodwin arranges a

New shop features DIY plant bar

Goodwin, who started her houseplant business online a few years ago, is celebrating the reopening in her nursery, at 10607 E. Grand River Ave.

The shop is filled with different varieties of houseplants. Some have big, green leaves and need water. Some are vines. Some stand tall. Others trail and dangle.

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