Canada Thumps USA in New Zealand Rain

The second half didn’t start well for the Eagles. They were stuck in their own 22 and just couldn’t seem to get out of it. Two box kicks from Kahele were partially blocked—mostly because she didn’t get enough forwards in the ruck to compensate for Canada’s tall forwards.

A kick clearing kick from Hawkins went out on the full and that put the lineout back closer to the USA line, and ultimately after a penalty, Canada struck.

Their maul was effective and eventually led to a drive over for lock Courtney Holtkamp.

Moments later the Eagles finally got some go-forward and we working the ball wide when Buisa stepped in to intercept and go in untouched.

The rest of the game was deeply affected by the rain. Despite many of the USA players pursuing their rugby in the UK, they had trouble handling the ball. To be fair, Canada did too and both were vulnerable to knock-ons after thumping tackles.

Two knock-ons led to Canada’s final try. With little time left on the clock the Eagles had the ball inside the Canadian half. But they lost the ball in contact and Canada kicked clear. The ball was fielded by Sam Sullivan, who beat one chaser and then passed to Henrich. To be charitable to Henrich, the pass was hard and at her face. To be fair, though, she should have had it. The resulting knock-on led to a scrum and the ball went out to Tessier. Now slotting in at flyhalf, Tessier’s angled run drew the attention of four defenders, and Tessier passed it back inside to Taylor Perry, the flyhalf now playing scrumhalf. Perry had an open door as someone needed to stay home to mark her.

Player of the game and No. 8 Sophie De Goode converted to wrap t up 36-5.

The USA’s scrum was very good and their defense and work rate tenacious. But on attack the backs had trouble finding any success and most of the Eagle attacking chances (which were few and far between) came from turnovers such as dropped balls.

The USA kicking game was poor—they missed touch on penalties, kicked the ball out on the full, got box kicks charged down, and kicked the ball straight to Canada’s deep three on repeated occasions.

Canada basically lived in the USA 22 in this game, and for the Eagles to get some results they need to find a way to play their way forward.

Canada 36

Tries: DeMerchant 2, Buisa 2, Holtkamp, ​​Terry

Convs: DeGoode

1. Brittany Kassil, 2. Veronica Harrigan, 3. Olivia DeMerchant, 4. Tyson Beukeboom, 5. Courtney Holtkamp, ​​6. Pamphinette Buisa, 7. Sara Svoboda, 8. Sophie de Goede, 9. Brianna Miller, 10. Taylor Perry , 11. Paige Farries, 12. Alexandra Tessier, 13. Sara Kaljuvee, 14. Sabrina Poulin, 15. Elissa Alarie

16. Laura Russell, 17. Mikiela Nelson, 18. Maya Montiel, 19. Abby Duguid, 20. Emma Taylor, 21. Anaїs Holly, 22. Maddy Grant, 23. Renee Gonzalez


Tries: Taufoou

1. Catie Benson, 2. Joanna Kitlinski, 3. Nick James, 4. Kristine Sommer, 5. Evi Ashenbrucker, 6. Hallie Taufoou, 7. Georgie Perris-Redding, 8. Kathryn Johnson, 9. Bridget Kahele, 10. McKenzie Hawkins, 11. Tess Feury, 12. Katana Howard, 13. Bulou Mataitoga, 14. Emily Henrich, 15. Meya Bizer

16. Kathryn Treder, 17. Maya Learned, 18. Charli Jacoby, 19. Jordan Matyas, 20. Elizabeth Cairns, 21. Shelby Lin, 22. Amy Talei Bonte, 23. Sam Sullivan

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