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The Plymouth Barracuda demanded attention right from day one. Since then, the E-body muscle ponies are looked upon from the past with longing nostalgia. These two-door notchbacks reigned from the late 1960s until the manufacturer terminated the production in 1974.

Running a Hemi V-8 engine, Barracuda was always received by cheers from the audience, and it was an object of pride for any person who owned one. Today these muscle coupes are affectionately recalled as ‘Cudas, but more admiration is dedicated to the extensive customizations in these golden gems.

As ‘Cuda is a classic build itself, not many extravagant stances or LED glamor is needed, but modest custom installations performed meticulously revitalizes this prolific coupe’s racing spirit. Meanwhile, several owners aim at boosting the power and performance, hence most modification work is focused underneath the body. Here are some modified ‘Cudas that stand out from the lot.

15 performance upgrade

Restomod is the most recent car modification trend that blends features from new cars into old ones and vice versa. The result is a refreshed built of the model with all the desirable features. Following the trend, this 1970 ‘Cuda is restored with 410 CI stroker engine, Wilwood disc brakes, and Mopar M1 aluminum intake.

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14 SpeedKore 1970 ‘Cuda

SpeedKore renowned for their carbon fiber performance parts take their exemplary work on the classic road rage. Named ‘Menace’ their customized 1970 Plymouth’ Cuda debuted at the 2016 SEMA Show. Along with carbon fiber work on the model, the coupe’s V-8 engine is supported by a Whipple 2.9L supercharger that boosts the horsepower to 720.

13 Fast And Furious Plymouth “Frankencuda”

‘Cuda has a fair share in pop culture were back in 2011 a modified 1971 Plymouth Barracuda was featured in the blockbuster ‘Fast and Furious’ franchise. Nicknamed “Frankencuda,” the custom green and black ‘Cuda fits a massive 636 cubic-inch Hemi V-8 with an intercooler 14:71 blower mated to a three-speed transmission.

12 1971 ‘Cuda Restomod “Striker”

Jesse’s Auto Body labored through 9,000 hours to create this stunning resto-mod of 1971 Plymouth’ Cuda. The muscle coupe is renewed with more aggressiveness lowering front fenders, fitting rock panels and tucking in bumper. It is powered by 2009 Challenger SRT’s 426cid fuel-injected Hemi engine and borrows Brembo disc brakes from the same manufacturer.

11 Hemi-Powered 1974 Plymouth ‘Cuda

This customized 1974 Plymouth includes a naturally aspirated Hemi engine sourced by Ray Barton Racing Engines. Measuring 604 cubic inches, the engine makes an astounding 970 horsepower. The coupe wears 19×10, and 19×12.5 Budnik Fontana rims wrapped in 275/35 and 345/30 Michelin Pilot tires while the ink-black body straps custom Plymouth’s billboard graphics.

10 Blown Hemi Engine

Nothing beats a coupe that goes headlong into power boosts, and this customized 1971 Plymouth’ Cuda certainly proves the power the Mopar build can reach when equipped with a blower kit. The original powertrain is replaced by a 472 cubic inch Hemi engine while a TBS 8/71 blower kit sits on top of the hood.

9 Red Rims

Unlike most plain or thin frame built coupe models, Plymouth’s Cuda’s elegant body style is not starving for any theatrical or any impressive front splitters to strengthen power. A loud graphic would distort the model, so this all-black custom paints the rims in a candy red hue that perfectly complements Cuda’s signature style.

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8th 1970 ‘Cuda “Torc”

Yet again another 1970 Plymouth’ Cuda takes the lead in power tuning where this customized model called “Torc” lodges a diesel-powered 408ci engine mated to four-speed automatic transmission. The power output reaches to a staggering 1,000 horsepower and 2,700 pound-feet of torque while the suspension is adjusted with custom Ridetech coil-overs.

7 Custom 1971 Plymouth G Force’ Cuda.

This tangerine and black body, Plymouth G Force Cuda, is custom-built by Johnson’s Hot Rod Shop. The modification involves a chiseled flat bottom and hooks a rear diffuser to improve aerodynamics leading to a 200 mph top speed. Under the black hood lies a 572 Hemi engine that produces 870 horsepower.

6 Pro Touring ‘Cuda

This lemon yellow-clad 1972 “Pro Touring’ Cuda” is armed by SRT’s 6.1 liters Hemi engine supported by a supercharger with intercooler and Keisler’s T-56 Viper 6-speed manual transmission. The drivetrain gives a 10 PSI boost resulting in a total power output of 518 horsepower. The body decks a carbon fiber air intake and spoiler.

5 Custom convertible

While the pony style coupes were abundantly available and frequently graced the race tracks, Plymouth manufactured the convertible ‘Cuda models in minimal units, and it is rare to get your hands on the sleek trim today. Luckily this owner revitalized the convertible with green paint job keeping the hood dark and installed new wheels.

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4 Purple 1968 Hurst Built SS/B Barracuda

Hurst collaborated with Chrysler Corporation back in the 1960s and built 70 Barracudas and around 80 Darts for SS/B drag racing. These Super Stock powered muscles were driven by elite racers like Ronnie Sox. This customized deep purple 1968 build includes an A-833 18-spline transmission, Bogart wheels and is powered by 426 Cross-Ram Hemi engine.

3 Terracuda by Foose Design

Chip Foose used his talented artwork on the unibody of 1970 Barracuda and modified the Mopar classic with intensive customizations. Draped in crisp golds and browns, the coupe stores a 392 Hemi crate engine while custom installations include Corvette C5 suspension, Tremec 5-speed and a new grille built by Chip himself.

2 King Kong’ Cuda

The tuned power in this customized 1970 Plymouth Barracuda stands right by its title of ‘King Kong.’ The car houses a large 528-cube EFI Hemi linked to Chrysler’s trademark 727 Torqueflite and includes Strange 9-inch differential and Air Ride ShockWaves air suspension. This epic drive now burst out 727 horsepower.

1 Sick Fish’ Cuda

Upon Joe Rogan’s request, Chip Foose designed and built the famous UFC announcer’s 1970 Cuda. The customized ‘Cuda dressed in pale silver uses a 528 Hemi crate engine that is paired with Bowler 727 automatic transmission and develops 650 horsepower. The suspension upgrades include QA1 coil overs in the front and Magnum Force’s control arms.

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