Chuck Norris Talks Emergency Food Brand RoundHouse Provisions (2022)

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Chuck Norris wants you and your family to be prepared for the worst: The actor and martial arts champion is now the spokesperson for an emergency food supply brand, aptly named Roundhouse Provisions.

The Norris-approved Roundhouse food supply comes by the bucket, with each holding 76 pre-packaged meals — enough to comfortably sustain an adult for a week. With a shelf-life of 25 years, the supply buckets are meant to be stashed and taken out in case of emergency, but because the meals are portable and easy to make (just add water and heat), many use these kinds of food supplies for camping and outdoor adventures as well.

Available now at, each 76-meal bucket costs $249.95 (with discounts if you order three or six buckets at once).

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“I’ve always been serious about my own preparedness and making sure I can take care of my family under any circumstances,” Norris tells Rolling Stone, “But I decided to look beyond just protecting my loved ones after that big ice storm in February of 2021,” he says. “Seeing what [people had] Gone through and knowing that a disaster like that could strike anywhere at any time, I decided to use my position to help make sure other families stay ready, prepared, and safe.”

Norris’ course of action was to join up with Roundhouse Provisions, which in turn leveraged the actor’s martial arts background for its name: “A roundhouse kick is one of the most powerful, effective strikes the human body can deliver. In our case, it also refers to a well-rounded home — one that is safe, secure, and prepared,” explains Norris.

Though Norris has always been vigilant about emergency preparedness, the same wasn’t true for everyone. But that changed when Covid broke out, and emergency food kits skyrocketed in popularity. Add an increase in camping and outdoor travel (over nine million US households camped for the first time in 2021), and it’s easy to see why pre-packaged food supplies are flying off shelves.

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“I’m glad to see the rest of the world finally the need for preparedness,” says Norris. “I can see how it might have seemed silly to somebody a few years ago,” he says, “but now that we know what it looks like to have totally bare shelves in our grocery stores, and people lining up around the block just to get some toilet paper, I don’t think anyone can look me in the eye and say it’s a bad idea to have extra food in your home.”

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Roundhouse Provisions

For Norris, being prepared with a food supply should be a basic caution: “It’s no different than putting locks on your doors,” says the 82-year-old. “Not having an emergency plan is like leaving your house unlocked so any disaster can waltz right in.”

The best emergency food supplies should be shelf-stable (lasting anywhere from five to 30 years), easy to prepare and transport, and nutrition-dense, according to Norris. “Of course, it should be delicious,” he adds. “I’m one of those people where ‘good food equals a good mood.’ If you’re going through tough times, you want tasty, filling comfort food. Food isn’t just about staying alive, it’s good for the soul too.” (Norris says he’ll happily eat meals from the Roundhouse supply on a regular basis — no emergency required).

Roundhouse Provisions joins a host of emergency food supply brands online, like Mountain House, ReadyWise, and Augason Farms. Many of them are available on Amazon.

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Mountain House Classic Bucket

But a shelf-able food supply is just part of a good emergency kit. Norris says clean water is another essential, suggesting readers pick up a good survival water filter or a supply of packaged filtered drinking water when creating a disaster stash.

Next, says Norris, grab fire-starting supplies in case the electricity and generator both go out, as well as an emergency radio to stay updated. Lastly, Norris always keeps a bible in his go-bag: “In times of great trouble and danger, your spiritual health is just as important as your physical health,” he says.

Of course, Norris — Tae Kwon Do’s first eighth degree Black Belt Grand Master in the Western Hemisphere — also suggests some combat knowledge: “Martial arts training is an advantage in almost any situation. If you need to defend yourself or your family, you’re never going to regret having extra skills and protection.”

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