Cobra Kai S5 Is Exactly What Karate Kid 3’s Alternate Ending Would Be

Cobra Kai season 5 is poised to explore what would have happened to the Valley if The Karate Kid Part III’s final battle had a different winner.

Cobra Kai season 5 is poised to explore an alternate ending to The Karate Kid Part III. The third installment in The Karate Kid The franchise has proven to be extremely relevant to Cobra Kai Seasons 4 and 5, as both stories hinge on the role of the movie’s main antagonist, Terry Silver. Silver hasn’t personally tortured any teenagers (yet), but he is back to being a thorn in Daniel LaRusso’s side.

Upon his return to the franchise in Cobra Kai Season 4, Silver emerged as Kreese’s biggest ally in the fight against Johnny and Daniel. Now, he’s the show’s main villain. Having turned on Kreese, the character has assumed control of the Cobra Kai dojo in the wake of their victory at the All Valley Karate Tournament. Asa result, it’ll be up to Daniel, Chozen, and Johnny to oppose him in the episodes to come. The conflict that’ll unfold between them was previewed in the Cobra Kai The season 5 trailer, which showed Daniel briefing Chozen on what they’re up against now. Apparently, Silver’s power in the Valley has grown tremendously since season 4 ended.


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What was shown in the trailer confirms the show’s story will be exactly what the Cobra Kai season 4 finale promised. In the finale, Silver told the crowd at the tournament that he would open up new Cobra Kai franchises all over the Valley. The trailer reveals that Silver did just that. Cobra Kai now has a stranglehold on the Valley that has essentially eliminated their competition. This puts the characters in a predicament that Daniel averted in The Karate Kid Part III, As much as Silver wanted to get revenge on Daniel, his ultimate goal was really to redeem Cobra Kai and open up new karate schools, but his plan failed when Daniel beat Mike Barnes in the finals. Now, Cobra Kai is showing viewers what would have happened if Daniel had lost.

cobra kai season 5 trailer reveals release date

Daniel and Mr. Miyagi never had to experience the consequences of a Cobra Kai victory because it didn’t come to pass. If it had, Silver could have achieved his masterplan by bringing Cobra Kai the positive attention it needed to thrive. That being said, Cobra Kai season 4’s ending has provided Silver with a second chance at making his dream a reality.

In a sense, Cobra Kai season 5 serves as an alternate ending to Daniel’s fight with Mike Barnes in The Karate Kid Part III. Back then, a victory for Barnes most likely would have left Silver with very little opposition, but the landscape of the franchise is so very different at this point in time. Thanks to the developments that have taken place in the series, Daniel is in a much better position to defeat Silver than he would have been in the 1980s. That can be attributed to the allies he’s found in Chozen and Johnny, as well as the large number of young karate protégés that are likely to stand with them. It’s going to be an uphill battle nonetheless, but perhaps not an unwinnable one.

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