Cobra Kai’s New Sensei Could Have a Connection to The Karate Kid

Season 5 of Cobra Kai is less than a month away, and as usual, the stakes couldn’t be higher. After Daniel and Johnny’s alliance failed to defeat Cobra Kai, they were forced to resign as sensei. In their absence, Terry Silver franchised Cobra Kai and expanded all over the San Fernando Valley. That expansion will be the primary focus of Season 5, as Daniel recruits Chozen to join the fight.

However, Chozen won’t be the only new character in Season 5. With Cobra Kai expanding, Terry Silver needed more sensei, and as the Season 5 trailer showed, he’ll have his own group of karate goons — but one of them stood out. The limited footage of Sensei Kim Da-Eun (Alicia Hannah-Kim) proved that she’s relentless. More importantly, though, she (along with Mike Barnes) may be the latest The Karate Kid character to find her way onto the Cobra Kai series.

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Exactly how Sensei Da-Eun will factor into the series isn’t known, but there are a few breadcrumbs that fans can follow. The Season 5 trailer showed that Terry Silver brought her in from overseas to help train his students. More specifically, he wanted Da-Eun to determine whether his students (like Tory Nichols) were ready for the next step — whatever that next step may be.

Knowing that, it’s clear that Silver has a lot of respect for Da-Eun. After all, he had plenty of other sensei on his staff (maybe even Mike Barnes), but he specifically brought in Da-Eun. That spoke to her skill as a sensei, but in the Cobra Kai universe, seemed to indicate that her character had a connection to the past. Some fans have hypothesized that Da-Eun will be related to Kim Sun-Yung, and that might actually be a possibility.

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Fans don’t know much about Kim Sun-Yung, but they do know that he was legendary because cobra Kai series creators put him on the same level as Mr. Miyagi. Sun-Yung was first referenced in The Karate Kid III by Terry Silver, and a flashback in Cobra Kai Season 3 expanded on his character. He was a South Korean sensei, who taught Tang Soo Do to Captain George Turner during the Korean War. Years later, Turner taught the same karate style to John Kreese and Terry Silver during the Vietnam War. After the war ended, (although the details are murky) Kreese and Silver apparently sought out Master Sun-Yung to train with him directly.

Because of his age, Master Sun-Yung won’t appear on Cobra Kai, but that doesn’t mean that his daughter or granddaughter couldn’t show up. Sensei Da-Eun’s character description is specifically listed as a South Korean sensei. That would be an oddly specific detail to end up being insignificant. So, while it might seem like a long shot, all the signs point to Da-Eun being related to Sun-Yung. After all, it seems like everyone on Cobra Kai has a weird connection to the past, and having Da-Eun be related to the one who taught Kreese and Silver the “no mercy” karate style would speak volumes about her character.

To see how Sensei Da-Eun’s story arc affects the new season, watch Cobra Kai on Netflix. Season 5 premieres Sept. 9.

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