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• For every developer’s approved plan to clear-cut every huge shade tree, both the city and county commissioners essentially added tons of carbon dioxide to the air that those trees would have otherwise naturally. The commissioners also added tons and thousands of square acres of concrete, both of which increase the air temperature … throughout west Gainesville, thus creating Gainesville’s own climate change crisis.

• Because of Gainesville City Commissioners’ $3.1 billion biomass tree-burner debacle, they are desperate for tax revenue. So desperate, they are willing to compromise public safety and health to build high-rise developments in and around our single-family neighborhoods citywide.

• It’s not the City Commission that will be responsible for money loss when the open container law is revoked; it will be the shameless, spineless and weak cowards who bring guns downtown during times when people are out having fun. A simple slight from a nonexistent insult makes these cowards think they are whole only if rounds fly. The shooters are just like the shameless, cowwardly, spineless and weak politicians who spend so much time sucking up to gun makers who put profits over people.

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