Competitiveness drives IU women’s basketball commit Jules LaMendola

Jules LaMendola was in rough condition in the Coppell High School locker room.

Coppell had an important game against Plano, Texas in mid-January, and the junior was the Cowgirls’ top player. But that night, LaMendola was still recovering from the flu.

She told Coppell head coach Ryan Murphy she was good to go, and that the worst of the illness was behind her. And then she threw up.

“We looked at her, I was like, ‘Are you okay?’ And she’s like, ‘Yeah! Fine!’ Like it was a stupid question,” Murphy said. “She’s a funny kid.”

LaMendola suited up anyway. She threw up again at halftime.

Her mother, Janice, was surprised she was able to play. But her competitive nature, perhaps LaMendola’s defining trait, took over.

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