Dance the posole Hanaba Welch column

Misinterpretations make life interesting.

One of my goals in life is not to be distracted by messages from AARP – especially suggestions I should renew my membership for the next five years. Who lives that long?

Maybe me, but why risk it?

We digress already.

This morning’s intriguing AARP email teaser wasn’t about dues but rather a daybreaker salsa class. Maybe I wouldn’t have imagined a salsa recipe class if I hadn’t already been tending a pot of posole I’d started cooking the day before. It’s not that much of a stretch from posole to salsa.

Meanwhile, what does salsa have to do with sunup? Then I seemed to recall that salsa is the latest word for some sort of exercise set to music.


Sure enough, the first meaning:

“A type of Latin American dance music incorporating elements of jazz and rock.”

“A spicy tomato sauce” is the second meaning.

That’s a dictionary for you. New Yorkers are in charge. That’s my theory. If they’d eat more salsa and worry less about their exercise sessions, they’d switch the order of those definitions.

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