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Uncle Raymond, the TikTok dancing man, cannot seem to catch a break.

Meet and greet at Waterway Point

The spritely 60-year-old dancing sensation arranged for a one-hour meet-and-greet at Punggol MRT at 2pm on June 14.

The details were pinned onto his June 13 TikTok video, the day before the scheduled event.

Those on TikTok who follow Raymond, whose online moniker is @raymondl88, would know that this was part of his protocol.

He would inform followers of his movements to offer them a chance to meet and interact with him, and possibly even star in one of his many videos.

Stopped by Waterway Point security

According to his TikTok, Raymond managed to get a total of eight videos in at the front of Waterway Point.

Image screenshot from @raymondl88/TikTok.

However, things went belly up shortly after, when he was stopped by a security officer, as seen in another TikTok video by the user @sg1754p_sg3076a.

This comes after Raymond was stopped mid-dance by a security officer and female staff at ITE College West, much to the dismay of some students who had gathered to watch his performance and booed the stoppage in response.

Raymond remained calm

In the video, he could be seen having a conversation with the male security officer who was clad in a white dress shirt and black pants.

During the conversation, the TikTok dancing sensation looked visibly perplexed and even scratched his head in confusion at one point.

Image screenshot from @raymondl88/TikTok.

However, like the previous incident at ITE College West, Raymond appeared to maintain a calm composure during the stoppage.

While the discussion could not be heard in the video, the security guard was seen gesturing to Raymond to inform him where he was allowed to hold his meet-and-greet and film his dancing videos.

Image screenshot from @raymondl88/TikTok.

After the discussion, Raymond could be seen complying with the instructions and he simply picked up his tripod stand and moved offscreen.

“The security officer was just doing his job”

This was confirmed by Raymond in a subsequent comment on @sg1754p_sg3076a’s TikTok.

He explained in Chinese that he had picked the earlier location – outside Waterway Point – as it was remote and less disruptive and he thought it would not obstruct the pathway.

Image screenshot from @sg1754p_sg3076a/TikTok.

However, the Waterway Point security officer clearly thought otherwise and deemed that the location was not suitable for Raymond to carry out his activities.

Raymond defended the security officer and said he was just doing his job and added that it was only natural for him to follow the security officer’s advice.

He said this was merely a small matter, and advised the public to not complicate things.

This was perhaps his way of quelling the reaction of his online fans after the episode at ITE College West, where many had voiced their disappointment.

He previously shared with Mothership that it is important to just do what you want to do and “be happy”.

His videos are always accompanied with the caption: “Thanks for meeting. Be happy.”

Relocated to in front of Punggol MRT

The show, or rather the meet-and-greet, went on, based on Raymond’s subsequent videos.

Instead of Waterway Point, Raymond shifted to another location – outside the entrance of Punggol MRT.

Based on his TikTok, he managed to get in 10 more videos at the new location before he moved off to his next location at Sengkang.

Image screenshot from @raymondl88/TikTok.

Three diehard fans followed him from Punggol to Potong Pasir

Three of Raymond’s diehard fans – a trio of young boys wearing yellow, white and black t-shirts paired with shorts – apparently cannot get enough of the dancing sensation.

The trio could be seen approaching Raymond, who had moved offscreen right after his discussion with the security officer.

Image screenshot from @raymondl88/TikTok.

They managed to get a video with him outside Punggol MRT and even followed Raymond to Potong Pasir on June 14.

The youths starred in four of Raymond’s videos, according to his TikTok.

Image screenshot from @raymondl88/TikTok.

You can watch @sg1754p_sg3076a’s TikTok below:

@sg1754p_sg3076a♬ Jiggle Jiggle – Duke & Jones & Louis Theroux

For those who also cannot get enough of Uncle Raymond

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Top image screenshot from @sg1754p_sg3076a/TikTok

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