By Josh Nevett

Australian motorsport legend Dick Johnson has opened up about driving DJR Ford Mustang Supercars alongside his son Steven and grandson Jett at Queensland Raceway, describing the experience as ‘special’.

Three generations of Johnson took to the track as part of a track activation on Monday morning, turning laps in three Mustang Supercars as part of a DJR test and evaluation day.

In a letter penned to Shell V-Power Racing fans, Johnson celebrated the ‘once in a lifetime’ event.

“Wow, what a week it has been, not only for me but for my family, the entire team at Dick Johnson Racing, motorsport fans and those who don’t necessarily follow motorsport. It was so special to do what we did on Monday at Queensland Raceway,” Johnson said.

“To be able to get into a current Supercar Ford Mustang GT with my son and grandson is a once in a lifetime opportunity and an experience I will never forget!

“To go down the main straight and see all the crew standing on the pit wall to watch was something incredible.

“In the lead-up, everyone was asking me how I think I would go and asking what I was expecting. They were invested and excited for Monday to happen and their interest made me excited for the day as well. Most of these guys haven’t seen me race in a long time, so to be able to experience this day with them was fantastic, especially as they see me in and around the workshop nearly every day.

“To have Jillie and Bree there and the entire family of DJR staff to witness what we did on Monday was also incredible. It was a moment you needed to be there to see.”

Johnson also shared his thoughts on how Jett handled the occasion, praising his grandson for his enthusiasm and driving skills.

Jett Johnson currently sits 15th in the Trans Am Series standings, racing alongside fellow youngsters such as Nash Morris and Cody Burcher.

“For Steven to be able to experience these laps with me and his son was an achievement we never thought we would get to and for his development, this is the next step,” Johnson wrote.

“Jett has his own individual path to follow and fulfilling the dreams he has. He was so excited for weeks in the lead-up, coming into the workshop, working with the crew and getting laps on the simulator showed me he really wanted to take those next steps to get into Supercars.

“For the short time he did on track, he did pretty good if I do say so myself, it was all a learning experience for him, especially as it was his first time getting into a Supercar.

“This will only make him hungry to achieve his goals and make a name for himself in the industry he wants to be in.”

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