Dodge Viper Takes On Tail Of The Dragon’s 11 Miles And 318 Curves

the dodges SRT Viper GTS was never an easy car to tame. With 640 hp from an 8.4-liter V10, it made for some lively action when it hit the streets. The car in the video below has upped the ante with a slew of modifications, but going up against the famous Tail of the Dragon at Deals Gap means you had better be awake to keep this snake on the road.

You would be right in saying that a stock Viper, with 640 hp has plenty of motivation for a blast down a twisty road. But YouTube channel @SneakySnakes has other ideas about what makes a perfect Viper and has modified it to produce even more power.

The video notes that the car now has a 550 cubic-inch stroker motor with different cylinder heads and camshafts. This adds up to 825 hp at the crank or 722 hp at the wheels. At the start of the video, we can hear the Viper at the side of the road and those big cams give it a nice lumpy idle and an attitude that says it means business.

The video continues with a few passes of the Viper so we can hear that sonorous V10 at full wail. The pops and bangs on the overrun are glorious. There is something about the sound of a V10 engine that is really special.

The meat of the video centers around driving The Dragon. A mountain road that is one of the most popular for drivers seeking some fun. The Viper hustles quite well through the twisties and despite a bump of nearly 200 hp over stock, doesn’t seem to bite the driver. There are a few moments when the rear of the car starts to step out under throttle, but it’s easily tamed by @SneakySnakes.

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Given that this is a public road with traffic, you can’t run flat-out. But there’s enough room to have a bit of fun and the Viper proves more than capable of handling the demands of The Dragon.

2013 was something of a rebirth for the Viper. After two years of being out of dealerships, it re-emerged with a redesign and better driving dynamics. ‘Dodge’ dropped its name and only referred to the car as the SRT Viper. Coupe and convertible were available with the coupe getting the GTS moniker.

A lot of engineering effort made the new Viper less intimate than the previous generation. A revised track, stiffened frame, and the inclusion of strengthening braces sharpened the car and made it more predictable at the limit. The stiffer chassis also sent more information to the driver, which made the car easier to handle when the pace increased.

One Of The Best Driving Roads In The World

Deals Gap, also known as the Tail of the Dragon, or just The Dragon, is a fabulous stretch of road along the North Carolina border with Tennessee. At 11 miles long with 318 curves, it’s one of the twistiest roads in the country.

Popular with car enthusiasts and motorcyclists, the Tail of the Dragon is a mecca for the performance driver. It also happens to be quite dangerous. Emergency rescue crews maintain a presence there during the summer and the Tennessee police have regular patrols to keep driver’s speeds in check.

Scenic, twisty mountain roads are always best enjoyed with a fast and fun sports car. @SneakySnakes’ modified Viper fits the bill perfectly and has little issue taming one of the most challenging driving roads in the country.

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