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Dojo Outage: Membership Information

Over the coming weeks, there will be changes to how British Judo members manage their memberships. This will include how members manage membership renewals and how new members take out a British Judo membership.

Whilst we work on implementing the new digital membership experience, there will be a period of time when the current membership dojo will not be accessible. The outage is scheduled to take place from 00:00am Saturday 25th June with the new system due to be implemented on Monday 18th July.

During the outage period, members will not need to do anything with their membership however, we cannot stress the importance of updating contact details on the dojo before the outage takes place. Members will have until 11:59pm on Friday 24th June to update any records. After this time, any changes made to memberships will not be recorded or saved.

From Monday 18th July, members will receive an email containing information and access links to the new British Judo memberships portal.

In order to receive the access link, members must provide a valid email address in the first instance on their dojo accounts. This must be checked and updated before the outage takes place 23:59pm Friday 24th June. Any members who do not have a valid email address on their current membership profile will NOT receive the email containing this information and therefore will NOT gain access to the new memberships portal.

Memberships that expire during the outage

If your membership is due to expire whilst the dojo outage is taking place, you are not required to take any action. All memberships which expire during the period of Friday 24th June and Monday 18th July will automatically be extended until Friday 22nd July, free of charge. After Friday 22nd July, renewals are expected to be processed as normal.

Attending competitions during the outage

If you or your child wishes to take part in an upcoming competition during the outage. Please ensure that your license card and record book are presented during the registration/weigh-in at the competition. This will act as both proof of your BJA membership status and insurance.

New membership applications during the outage

If you are looking to take out a new British Judo membership or know somebody else who would like to, this is still possible during the outage.

If you are applying for a new membership between Friday 17th June and Friday 24th June, please use this link and follow the sign-up process.

For any member applications from Saturday 25th June onwards, please use the online form provided in the link below. Please note that via this application method, no payment will be taken upon application, this will be arranged by our membership team who will be in touch upon application submission.


New members will receive a temporary membership license which will act as proof of valid BJA membership status and insurance however, membership packs and cards will not be sent out until a permanent number has been allocated via the new system.

Members that do not have access to emails

If you are unable to access your current dojo account to update your contact details, please contact our support team who will be able to assist you with this.

Please include your full name and license and email

Further updates

We will continue to issue regular updates through our digital transformation noticeboard. If you have any questions, please get in touch by contacting our digital support team with your queries All frequently asked questions will be added to the noticeboard.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience and we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

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