Downtown Indy canal shooting new details

INDIANAPOLIS — Court documents reveal that a family with young children and a dog had been at the Colts Canal Playspace when a shooting broke out between two groups on opposite sides of the canal early on May 11.

According to the documents, the family had been walking back to their vehicle from the park when the shooting broke out. The mother went running and snatched up her children but fell to the ground after being struck by a bullet in her lower buttock. Her boyfriend attempted to draw his own gun and defend the family but ended up accidentally shooting himself in the foot instead, documents reveal.

The children, ages 3 and 4, fortunately only suffered scrapes and bruises. The mother ended up being released from the hospital after it was determined the bullet that struck her had not hit any vital organs.

Since the shooting, IMPD has arrested 19-year-old Dayvon Jackson and 20-year-old Radrice Johnson in connection with the canal shooting that injured four females ages 17, 18, 23 and 24 — including the mother who had been leaving the park .

Radrice Johnson (left) and Dayvon Jackson (right)

Court documents reveal further details about the shooting including how it began with a confrontation between the two groups who had been walking on opposite sides of the canal before the shooting broke out at 12:27 am on Wednesday, May 11. One group consisted of mostly Females who were juveniles and young adults. The second group consisted of six males and two females of a similar age range.

According to witness testimony and surveillance footage, the group of mostly females had been walking on the west side of the canal when a male from the other group shouted across the canal trying to get the girls’ attention.

One of the females reportedly told the other group, “I know you not talking about us” which eventually led to a male saying, “Do you want to fight?” The female group allegedly told the males that “nobody want to fight” and were said to have called Johnson “ratchet” in regards to his outfit.

Police then determined through surveillance footage that Johnson then waited until the girls began to walk away before pulling out a gun and shooting toward the girls’ backs. An unknown person from the group of most females then fired back at Johnson and his group.

Police said Johnson appeared surprised by the return fire and fled. Jackson, however, then pulled a gun from his waistband and began to further shoot at the fleeing girls.

Police said in the surveillance footage victims can be seen screaming in pain and running for help while one female is laying on the ground. The young children from the playground can also be seen in the footage screaming and scared, police said.

Surveillance footage released by IMPD showing the groups

Three females who had been in the group on the west side of the canal ended up being struck by the gunfire. Court documents reveal at least one of the victims, who was struck in the leg, is expected to have a limp due to nerve damage caused by a bullet striking her femur bone. Another of the victims is expected to make a full recovery after therapy.

A juvenile girl who was struck in the gunfire may end up with permanent damage, according to the documents. She was struck in the arm and had a nerve cut, leaving three fingers unable to move.

Court documents reveal that Jackson and Johnson were spotted by police and arrested on June 2 near the City-County Building. Police were able to identify Jackson and Johnson as the suspects thanks to tips and officers identifying individuals from the footage due to past encounters.

During interviews with police, Jackson is reported to have positively identified both himself and Johnson in a photograph taken of the two from the surveillance footage. Police then showed him the actual video footage where he could be seen shooting at the girls. Jackson denied it was him despite previously already agreeing in the photograph that it was himself.

Police said Johnson also positively identified both Jackson and himself in the photograph. He initially denied shooting a gun, however, but would end up changing his story several times after being shown the video footage. Police reported that Johnson eventually confessed to the shooting and stated he “stood his ground” despite the footage showing Johnson shooting first after the other group was walking away.

Police reported that Johnson and Jackson could be heard discussing the shooting during breaks in their interviews.

Johnson and Jackson are both charged with four counts of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, four counts of battery with injury, criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon and possession of a handgun without a license.


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