Easy home tips to make your hair grow fast

Long hair is everyone’s wish, but how to make it grow fast is the question. Hair grows about 6-8 inches a year normally. For some people the hair growth is slow and they also face hair fall problems.

Hair growth is a natural process but the right care and treatments can improve it, especially when the growth is normal. One more thing shampoos & conditioners do not help your hair to grow fast in any way, so avoid wasting time & money on such things. Here are some simple tips that you can try to improve your hair growth and overall hair health:

Heathy Diet: Hair growth is actually an internal process, a diet that is appropriate for good health will help your hair. Eat fruits, nuts & veggies, drink a lot of water and try to avoid outside foods that lack nutrition.

Regular Trim: Yes, cutting the ends on time makes hair healthy. If your trim your tips it will make your brushing process smooth, keep split ends and breakage away and ultimately help hair grow fast. Go for it every 8- 10 weeks.

Preconditioning: Oil before shampoo is the best thing you can do for good hair health. Wet your hair slightly, apply any basic oil, leave it for 5 minutes and wash with a normal hair shampoo. Doing this regularly will give you remarkable results.

Scalp Care: A healthy scalp is important to improve faster hair growth. Brush your scalp gently daily for 2-3 minutes, apply a natural scalp scrub before wash one a week. (use a mix of granulated sugar + fresh aloe vera gel to scrub your scalp)

Avoid Hot Styling Tools: When you notice a hairfall or slow hair growth problem, avoid using hot styling tools like iron, curlers etc frequently. It is important to work on hair health before styling. You can continue with styling once your hair is healthy again.

Good Hair Hygiene: Clean hair is healthy always. Like your skin, your scalp needs a daily wash too. Do not skip your daily preconditioning & washing routine. If you keep your hair & scalp clean, it will grow fast and look beautiful for sure.

Cool Water for Hair: Avoid using hot water for hair in any season and condition. Always use cool to cold water to wash your hair. On very cold days you can try slightly warm water but otherwise cold water is hair’s best friend.

Onion for Hair Growth: Onion works best for hair growth for sure. Apply fresh onion juice on scalp for 5 minutes before wash once a week. This will speed up your hair growth, make your scalp healthy and add strength to your hair. (use the juice on scalp only)

Castor Oil: This oil is very helpful to treat hair & scalp problems. You can mix pure castor oil in some olive oil, apply the mix on the scalp gently and wash after 20 minutes. This will improve the health of your scalp and hair roots and give you good hair growth. (apply castor oil only on scalp as a mask, do not massage)

Try the above tips to get long & strong hair. Do not waste time and money on fancy products.



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