Everything You Should Know Before Buying A Shelby Cobra Replica

Back in 1963, the famous AC Cobra was known for its debut in the first-ever 24 Hours Le Mans race with the AC Ace 3.6 having entered production in ’62. These years kick started a several year lineup that saw original production until 1967. Today, this ride lives on primarily as popular sports car replica models.

In fact, the Shelby Cobra (as it’s also known as) has been the most copied car in the world, and the sale of these replicas make up a significant percentage of modern kit cars today. However, customers ought to know a few things before buying a Shelby Cobra replica.

Hence, let’s take a closer look at everything to know before buying a Shelby Cobra replica.

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AC Cobra Replicas Can Vary Greatly

With the Shelby Cobra being one of the most common kit car replicas on the market, which it has been for decades, it is important to check out its production year before putting money down for it. Some will have been in production not long after its initial release, throughout the ’60s and ’70s. Whereas others might be only a decade old.

Should a customer be looking for one that is as close to the original as possible, then the older replicas might be worth a shot. These will likely showcase some of the common features in the most original way possible. Although the replicas in the ’60s and ’70s won’t be the exact same as the original, they tend to be closer than newer replicas.

Moreover, the older models might prove to be a little more affordable than newer models due to them having more miles on the clock. Those made just after the original Shelby Cobra typically sells for around $40,000. Whereas, those that are much newer might be almost double the price, but it really depends on the year, among other factors. For instance, the average 1978 replica sells for about $25,000 on Classic.com while the average from 1981 costs close to $40K.

It’s important to have an extensive look over the production year to get an idea of ​​how close it is to originality and worth. Moreover, a customer should look into the previous owners of the replica cars. Those that are decades old might have had several owners, and you have to consider how much care the car was shown.

Alternatively, others might be in tip-top condition due to having owners that took good care of the car. It is common to find the knowledge of the previous owners online where the replicas are up for sale. Asking for details of the history of the vehicle will help a customer understand more about the replica and where it has come from, which will further justify its price and originality.

Shelby Cobra Replicas Offer A Whole Host Of Design Options

Fans of the original 1960s Shelby Cobra will want to know its colorway and design, being blue metallic. Since there has been a burgeoning market for replicas over the past few decades, the change in design is quite blatant.

Some newer models do not represent the plain blue design at all. Instead, they will sport various shades and some might feature a single or double racing stripe down the bonnet.

Should a customer be looking for something as close to the original as possible, then check for blue metallic models or white versions with slim stripes that resemble the original look of the 1963 model from the 24 Hours of Le Mans race. But across the board, there are a plethora of designs to choose from when it comes to AC Cobra replicas to suit the taste of different buyers. Some seek originality, others seek the best design to fit their preference. So have a look around and find what design works for you.

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What’s Under The Hood Of The Shelby Cobra Replicas?

Not only will the external design differ in replica models of the Shelby Cobra, but what’s under the hood might differ too. Some models have hit the market with supercharged kits and sell for over $100,000. Although these will generally not replicate the original as well as those with similar engines, they will certainly satisfy the likes of classic sports car fans that enjoy more power and speed than sports cars that are over five decades old. For some, these supercharged replicas offer the best of both worlds.

Furthermore, before buying a replica model of the Shelby Cobra, it is important to check all of its features and elements are in working order. This will ensure that the money spent is worth it and there will not be further issues after driving the car away. Those that are decades old might need some repair work, while newer ones might not.

Overall, the Shelby Cobra replicas are not hard to find. There is a ton of them on the market. Of which, some are close to the original ’60s models and others simply mimic its general look and mechanics. Before buying a Shelby Cobra replica, it is important to check its year, previous owners, and the overall specification.

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