Farmington High basketball summer camp opens July 11

FARMINGTON — Even in the middle of summer vacation, high school sports is still very much in business.

Farmington High School boys basketball coach Larry-Don Chitty and his staff are busy preparing for a youth skills camp, coming up July 11 at Scorpion Arena.

“There’s no better time to start thinking about the future than now,” Chitty said. “And the response so far has been excellent.”

The camp, which will run from 9 am to 1 pm through July 15, is for boys and girls wishing to learn about what it takes to play basketball, and also has a greater purpose of giving kids in the community a chance to do something besides staying home.

“It’s too easy to get caught up in the video games and staying indoors. Maybe we all got caught up in that too much during the pandemic, but it’s refreshing to see how many want to change that,” Chitty said. “We’ve got over 50 kids who have already signed up for the camp, and we’re still hoping for more.”

The camp will focus on a number of different elements of the game of basketball, including defense and running drills, according to Chitty, who will also be joined at the camp by members of the girls team coaching staff, including new coach Tom Adair.

“I’ve joked a bit that we won’t even be using a basketball,” Chitty said. “But there’s some truth to it as well, because so much of basketball is learning the fundamentals of playing as a team, and a lot of that comes down to defense.”

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