‘Fear the Walking Dead’ 7×16 Recap: “Gone”

One Clark exited and we were granted the return of another. Though Alicia is gone, Madison returned with her typical manipulative ways, and this time it’s Morgan and Mo who are caught in her claws. After learning that she knows about Padre, he becomes determined to find her good side.

Let’s recap!

Warning: It’s about to spoiler-y!


Land Ho

The episode begins with Morgan awakening in the raft. He manages to reach land at some point and now utilizes the raft as a tent tethered above ground from multiple trees. Sadly, he is struggling once again to find supplies and food for himself and Mo. He also hasn’t managed contact with anyone.

When he finally does happen across somebody, it is a starting confrontation. A woman named Eva is anxious after discovering she is pregnant. While she isn’t thrilled to meet him, she does warn him to get as far away as possible from this desolate place.

Morgan doesn’t have a chance. Knocked out by an unseen attacker, he awakens to a nightmare. He’s been taken captive by a bunch of strangers with sacks over their heads (as if it mattered that they hid their identities). They threaten to kill Morgan and take Mo. They insist they are tired of losing their children. Everyone os in for a surprise when the actual child thief comes swooping in.


One Clark for Another

Madison Clark officially comes back into the fold of Fear The Walking Dead and she is struggling, barely making it on an oxygen tank she carries on her back. After killing the men who went after Morgan, she then takes Mo. Morgan isn’t having that. It is high time people stop trying to take this baby. Quickly catching up to her, he demands for Mo to be returned to him.


Unfortunately, it is too late. Madison had given Mo away to Padre, where she is certain Mo is safer. She is the one taking the children from the area. After a tussle, Morgan discovers that this is the mother of both Alicia and Nick. Morgan takes his chance to bargain with her to get Mo back.

As they continue to debate and negotiate, Morgan learns that Padre might not be all that it seems. Madison assures him that Mo is safe, but he isnt chancing it. He offers Eva, the woman he met earlier who is pregnant in exchange for Mo. Though a pretty horrible decision, he is a father desperate to get his daughter back. Plus, worse decisions have been made on this show.


False Promises

It is a shock to both Morgan and Madison to discover that Eva isn’t really pregnant. She lied in hopes of getting to her child that had been taken by Padre. An accidental fall while battling some walkers tears her stomach up and forces her to reveal her plan. The three of them make it to the safety of Eva’s family crypt nearby and away from the walkers on their trail. Madison is ready to dump both her and Morgan. Eva doesn’t like that one bit. Within a blink of an eye, Eva destroys Madison’s oxygen tank and uses the distraction of the tank flying about to get into her grandfather’s nearby crypt.


Morgan finally shares the fates of Nick and Alicia with Madison. While neither of them knows Alicia may actually still be alive, the heartache is still tragic. More so, the people that are fighting to get their children back from Padre are closing in with reinforcements.

At this point, Madison is ready to give up. Having stolen children and lost her own, she is just done. It is a side of Madison we’ve never seen before until now. Handing her over is the only plan they have so that at least Morgan can get out unscathed and she is ready to accept it.

Pied Piper

The mysterious group determined to get their kids back isn’t going down without a fight. They try to enlist Morgan’s help, but he knows this is a dreadful idea. They still have no idea what to expect from Padre.

Meanwhile, Madison is buried in the same way Morgan nearly is at the beginning of the episode. Only her head is left above ground. When walkers are making their way from the water, she prepares herself to let go. Luckily, Morgan shows up in time to help her.

He doesn’t care that she can’t help him. He is paying it forward to Alicia, who helped him in his darkest moments.

Morgan works to try and dispose of more walkers as they come to shore. In the midst of it, he realizes these are the ones that went after Padre, including Eva. Madison manages to get free of the sand and helps Morgan demolish the remaining walkers.

She tells him that while she is gone and has nothing going for her, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t. She’ll help him get Mo back. The two go to meet with the people of Padre at the dock where Madison had handed off Mo.

Bluffing, he offers up the rafts of his people that are coming. That there are children aboard. It is enough to get Morgan taken to Padre right alongside Madison. The only issue? They are both blindfolded on the way to a boat so as not to see where Padre is.

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