FTWD Makes A Walking Dead Crossover More Likely Than Ever

Fear The Walking Dead’s season 7 finale teases a location change for season 8, and the new setting makes a Walking Dead crossover more likely.

Is Fear The Walking Dead gradually inching closer to an eventual crossover with The Walking Dead, When Fear The Walking Dead began airing in 2015, the prequel spinoff was deliberately situated as far from Rick Grimes and Alexandria as physically possible. Action in AMC’s main show takes place predominantly on the east coast, centered around Georgia and Virginia. Fear The Walking Dead season 1 began way over in California, rendering chances of a crossover remote. The spinoff then dropped down towards the Mexican border and Baja California, before shifting east towards Texas, which allowed the likes of Morgan Jones, Dwight and Sherry to join from The Walking Dead,


Fear The Walking Dead season 7 takes place predominantly within Texas, specifically in and around Galveston – still far enough from The Walking Dead to do its own thing, but palpably closer. Season 7’s final episodes, however, see Lennie James’ Morgan Jones take a boat trip, and he’s soon followed by the rest of Fear The Walking Dead‘s main cast, sans Alicia Clark. When Morgan makes land, he strolls past a sign for “Bayou Boyd’s Best Crawfish – Louisiana.” The sign confirms Fear The Walking Dead has continued its slow drift eastward, and is now closer to The Walking Dead than ever before – only a few state lines away from Alexandria.

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Considering the miles these characters have already clocked, that’s not an unassailable distance by any means, and could shrink further in Fear The Walking Dead season 8 thanks to PADRE. At the end of season 7’s finale, Morgan and Madison are whisked off to PADRE via boat, though their exact destination remains unknown. The settlement is very unlikely to lie back west where Morgan just came from, so that means Fear The Walking Dead could fall even closer to The Walking Dead by the time PADRE is finally visited. Adding more fuel to that fire, Fear The Walking Dead season 8 will film in Georgia – the same state as The Walking Dead‘s production (albeit a good few hours away still).

Lennie James as Morgan Jones in Fear The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead‘s timeline is currently years ahead of its spinoff, so we already know a crossover can’t happen in Fear The Walking Dead season 8, otherwise Morgan would’ve been back with his old friends to fight the Whisperers and visit the Commonwealth. Nevertheless, continuing the slow march eastward could have major ramifications for the future of AMC’s zombie apocalypse. If Fear The Walking Dead ends with season 8, the main cast could feasibly settle anywhere between Louisiana and Alabama. Morgan’s spinoff cast would then be within reach of Alexandria ahead of a potential appearance in The Walking Dead season 11’s final episodes. As a long-standing presence in the franchise, many would expect Morgan Jones to feature in the series finale somehow – especially after admitting he regretted leaving in Fear The Walking Dead season 7 – and the closer east he ventures, the stronger his chances get.

Merging casts so late in the day might seem pointless, but AMC is currently preparing a volley of spinoff shows and movies set within The Walking Dead‘s world. Crossing over Fear The Walking Dead into the main show beforehand makes perfect sense, since each new spinoff can then cherry-pick characters from across the entire Walking Dead universe. Maybe Victor Strand joins Daryl Dixon in a chatty European buddy adventure, or perhaps Morgan plays referee to Negan and Maggie on their road trip to New York. The possibilities are endless – but only if both shows are close enough to make a crossover happen.

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