“He was an absolute masterclass”

Mark Webber praised Sebastian Vettel for his achievements and successful career as he reflected upon his days in Red Bull Racing. The Australian believes Vettel was exceptional at his peak and has made the correct call to retire from the sport at the end of the season.

Speaking to F1’s official website about the German champion, Webber said:

“Look: an incredible career, untouchable in the [championship] years. Certainly, he loved when Pirelli turned up and he was an absolute masterclass I think for a lot of us, in those years, through the blown diffuser days. And there was a lot of regulations that he certainly worked incredibly hard to understand and did a great job.”

Reflecting on the period when he partnered with Sebastian Vettel at Red Bull Racing, Mark Webber said that the German worked very hard to achieve success in the V8 era of the sport. Unsurprised by the four-time world champion quitting the sport at the end of the season, Webber felt it was the correct decision.

Reflecting upon the German champion’s career and commenting on the decision of him retiring, he said:

“And obviously he racked up a phenomenal amount of success in a short period of time, which is something that all of us colleagues have respect for. But I think he’s made the right call. Obviously, it’s totally down to the individual at that point, there’s no one else who can make that decision for you, but I don’t think it’s a surprise. I think it was pretty obvious it was coming and fair play, off he goes.”

Mark Webber revealed his relationship with Sebastian Vettel was tense at the Red Bull Racing team

Mark Webber feels his relationship with Sebastian Vettel got complicated and tense when they were fighting for championships. Reminiscing about his time at the Red Bull Racing team alongside the German, Webber felt they had a strained relationship due to the pressure of the title battles. The duo were often known to clash on track as team-mates, and the controversial ‘Multi-21’ situation in Malaysia is etched as an iconic moment in the history of the sport.

Looking back at the days in Red Bull Racing alongside Vettel, Webber said:

“I mean, god, we’re fine now. It was obviously pretty tense when you’re fighting for championships at the front together. We had a few years where I was [in contention], a couple of years where I wasn’t. It always gets a bit strained – it’s easier to be teammates when you’re fighting for points but obviously, championships and wins is a bit more challenging, which is obviously well-advertised in lots of different scenarios throughout the sport. We weren’t alone in that sense.”

Commenting on the evolution of Sebastian Vettel as a driver today, the Australian said:

“Now, obviously he’s changed his whole position, hasn’t he? As his career’s gone on, especially in the last year or so, his whole position has changed in terms of what he’s motivated by and looking forward to in the next phase of his life, and fair play.”

Webber retired from the sport at the end of the 2013 season and became a TV pundit, but his relationship with Sebastian Vettel turned into a more respectful one in the paddock. The German has since raced with Ferrari and is now with Aston Martin, where he will end his career.


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