Hennessey Track Test Their 1,000-HP Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

The tuning specialists have worked their magic once again, creating this beast and showingcasing its power before handing the keys to its lucky owner.

Hennessey Performance is quite possibly the greatest tuning house in the United States. The Texas-based company has produced a wide array of upgrades for the various cars they deal with, including pickup trucks, muscle cars and more. And they are of course in the process of creating their super cool Venom F5 hypercar.

In a video uploaded onto their YouTube channel, however, we see them give a Hennessey Chevy Camaro ZL1 Exorcist with 1,000 hp a test drive before it heads to its customer.

Getting Out On Track With The Powerful Camaro ZL1

This video shows Alex and Juan going through the final evaluation testing of the car before it is finally delivered to its new owner. We do, of course, get some amazing sounds from the Exorcist as the two guys unleash its power. When the Camaro is then taken to full throttle, it visibly pushes the two men back into their seats as it releases all of its 1,000 hp on them.

Alex is able to get the car up to 140 mph easily, and its 10-speed automatic transmission allows it to always stay in the right power range.

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The End Of The Line For The Gen Six Camaro

As Alex himself states, the Gen Six Chevrolet Camaro is heading towards the end of its life cycle. Which also means that Hennessey will soon wrap up production of their Exorcists, with this particular one probably being within the last 50 ever. And we will certainly miss the incredible sound that this particular Hennessey car produces when your foot is down.

Alex then unleashes the car from a standing start, and 60 mph is hit really fast, faster than a lot of our brains can probably compute. It’s incredible what Hennessey is able to do.

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A Mighty Camaro With Big Horsepower

By the end of the video, the car is ready for delivery to its new owner. They are going to have some great fun with it too. The 0-60 mph time of the car is just 2.1 seconds, and the 1/4-mile is reachable in roughly 9.5 seconds thanks to that 1,000 hp.

Hennessey has also offered a special limited edition Hennessey Exorcist 30th Anniversary Camaro that is in a run of just 30 examples and has various 30th Anniversary Edition exterior graphics along the side of it. This is certainly one of Hennessey’s finest ever products.

Source: Hennessey Performance YouTube Channel

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