Hennessy Carolina Breaks IG With Bikini GoGo Dance, Cardi B Brandishes Knife!

The Almánzar sisters, Cardi B, and Hennessy Carolina are livening up Instagram, both having put up dance videos within hours of each other. Again, both have blown their fans away, for different reasons though.

While Cardi B uploaded a rather dangerous Father’s Day dance, Hennessy was resplendent in a bikini, both dancing to some rather tappy numbers and breaking the Internet, because they can. Here’s the scoop.

Cardi B & Hennessy Carolina Have Fans Aplenty

Instagram | Cardi B

Both Cardi B and little sister Hennessy, often put up fiery Instagram posts. Sometimes, they mirror each other as well. Although, it could be that little sis has a lot to look up to and learn, and so she emulates the sexy example set by Cardi B.

A few days ago, Cardi B uploaded a picture of her wearing some high fashion, a jumpsuit with more cutouts than not, and one that extended all the way to make her shoes as well (pictured above.)

Cardi B wrote a simple caption, considering the picture was worth more than a thousand words, “Runway on Miss Belcalis” and fans were lit over her fire.

Comments showed how much Cardi B’s fans appreciated her for serving them looks:

“Keep leading the way, the standard… I mean it’s giving fashion taste on ”

“OHHHHHH Mama Ate!!!! Let’s go Maw Maw!!!”

“Bellsssss!!!! You ain’t have to come for the girls like that in RICK!!! Phew”

“This is more than a “cute pic” this is SEXY AF!!”

But even before her older sister got to it, Hennessy had put up similar looks, although hers was a crop top and legging, again with more cutouts than the actual fabric.

Fans were wowed by Hennessy’s “pur”fect looks, and appreciative comments followed, calling her “fire AF” and “Hennessy a baddy ( Real women fix each other’s crown ).”

Hennessy Carolina Does A Bikini Go-Go Dance

Cardi B and Hennessy Carolina upload dangerous IG videos
Instagram | Hennessy

With 7.4 million followers, for now, Hennessy cannot hold a candle to her sister’s massive Instagram following, which is 135 million strong. That said, the two not only look a lot alike, as is apparent from the picture above but also reportedly get along like a house on fire.

That said; Hennessy can sure carry a bikini like no other, as is clear from the sexy video she uploaded on Instagram recently.

Dressed in a black string bikini with some waist chains, Hennessy Carolina looked like a vision, as she danced on the beach, having a ton of fun. The song she grooved to was GoGo Dance by Alfa The Boss from the Dominican Republic.

As fans said, “I watched this 1000 times ” and plenty of others agreed, that Hennessy was trying to break the internet.

Given that Hennessy came out as bisexual a few years back, it’s safe to say that both men and women fanned over her, given the fiery nature of the video.

But when Cardi B’s little ‘sis is concerned, there is always more fire waiting on the horizon, of her Instagram, at least.

Cardi B Has A Dangerous Father’s Day Video

Instagram | Cardi B

Of course, Cardi B still has plenty of tricks up her sleeve as her fans keep thirsting for more. From sexy collabs to sexier outfits, Cardi B keeps serving her fans hot looks, in pictures and videos but once now and then, her irreverent side pokes through.

This time around, Cardi B paid homage to Offset on Fathers’ Day, in the most roundabout way possible, enough for fans to exclaim, “What in the Michael Myers is going on here Cardi”?

Cardi B danced in the kitchen to the new song by Sleazy World Go, “Step 1” ft. Offset, and keeping in tune with the war-like lyrics of the song, she covered her face with a scarf. And danced around with a knife.

Fans had all sorts of reactions:

“Imagine if you finished work n go home to see your wife doing this!?? lol”

“Soooooo you gonna just take ya, baby daddy, OUT huh?”

,The fact that your toes are gripping the floor has me hollering.”

“You such a demon.”

Watch Cardi B dance with a knife, but do watch your anxiety levels too.

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