Here Are The Coolest Special Edition Camaros Ever Made

Since its inception, the Chevy Camaro has gone through a lot of iterations, from run-of-the-mill sports cars to seriously powerful machines. As a result, the special edition Camaros are always standouts. A few times, they’re a little different than a regular Camaro, just a few bells and whistles and marketed to a specific theme or person. But some of these special editions stand out as among the best cars Camaro has ever made.

It’s amazing to look at how many special edition Camaros there have been with Chevy putting out more almost every year. It’s even trickier to wade through the truly best of the bunch, yet some are head and shoulders above the rest thanks to the design, the performance, and how unique it is. While there are plenty of contenders, these are 10 of the best special edition Camaros ever created and well worth the price to track down.

10 1987 Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z 20th Anniversary Edition

It may seem a bit low today with the 255hp V8, but it’s the style that makes this 20th-anniversary edition so great. The crimson color sets it apart, while the convertible style makes it look trendy and sporty, more like an Italian sports car of the time than a Camaro.

The nice front design aided the performance with four-wheel disc brakes and a specific aero kit unique for the period. For the late 1980s, this was a stunning machine and has aged quite well.

9 1970 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Hurst Sunshine Special

There’s “rare,” and then there are only three models ever built. They appeared to be a unique prototype with the title referring to the special Hurst shifter alongside the sliding fabric sunroof.

The 360-hp LT1 engine promised some good performance alongside the striking design, with the yellow color providing the “sunshine” and looking a good mix of muscle and stock car. While it was never put into full production and only one model known to still exist, this is one very Special Camaro in every way.

8th 2001 Chevrolet Camaro SS Earnhardt Edition

When you name a car after one of the greatest legends in NASCAR, it’d better be good. As it happened, Dale Earnhardt himself helped develop this just before his tragic passing. Thus, only 83 of the planned 100 were completed, with 33 personally signed by “The Intimidator.”

Naturally painted black, they were fitted with a performance-enhanced LS1 pouring out 381 hp along with a Dale Earnhardt Short Throw Shifter for the six-speed transmission. The aura is wonderful and fitting the iconic racer had this as a beautiful final machine.

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7 1993 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Indy Pace Car

Any model intended to be a Pace Car for the Indianapolis 500 is a big deal, but this was one of the best. While 275 hp may seem low now, it was excellent for the early 1990s with the 5.7-liter V8, four-speed automatic transmission, T-top paneling, power steering, seats, locks, and more.

It also just looked terrific with the exterior design and the black and white coloring terrific, and it backed up Chevrolet’s great record at the Indy at the time yet still holds up today.

6 2013 Chevrolet Camaro Hot Wheels Edition

It may have been named a Hot Wheels, but this baby was no toy. Presented only in bright Kinetic Blue, this special edition came in an affordable V6, but it was the 426 hp aluminum LS3 V8 fans wanted their hands on.

The focus was on the design less than engine improvements, but it still handled beautifully and being offered in either coupe or convertible helped it stand out. Sure, it may lack some enhancements, but it’s still a stunning ride that looks ready to take it to any track.

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5 2002 Chevrolet Camaro 35th Anniversary Edition

If the original Camaro had to go out, at least it did so in glorious style. It looked like a pure racing car with red paint and white stripes, prepared to tear down the track with the 325 hp LS1 V8 engine. With 3369 models were made, the top ones are the 934 with automatic transmission.

Not only that, but the interior was fantastic with “35th” written into it and a special portfolio. While the Camaro name was later revived, it was terrific seeing this version end the original model.

4 1968 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Convertible

As exclusive as a special edition can be, this was made as a special gift for Chevrolet’s General Manager Pete Estes to convince him how the Z28 could be set for public roads. To that end, Vince Piggins took a standard Camaro convertible and added Z28 options to it.

That meant the fantastic 302 ci V8 with almost 400 hp, married to a stunning exterior design. Estes loved it, keeping the car and okaying the Z28 for street use. This model sold for $100,000 and is still as iconic as any Camaro can possibly be.

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3 1969 Camaro ZL1 Muncie M22 Rock Crusher

Limited to just 69 models, 12 of which had the special 4-speed manual nicknamed the “Rock Crusher,” this ZL1 stood out nicely. It included a 427 big block aluminum engine providing nearly 500 hp.

The six models with rally wheels are rarer and only available through the COPO system. A hard one to find, this Camaro could crush it on the track and worth tracking down, even at a high price.

2 2010 Chevrolet Camaro Transformers Edition

Trying to mix a car and a movie tie-in can be tricky but this fits well. Designed to look like the Transformer Bumblebee, this bright yellow ride was terrific in many ways. The engine options were fantastic, with the V6 capable of 306 hp, but the SS had a 6.2l V8 for 426 hp.

The L99 V8 engine was also available on the SS models with automatic transmission for better performance. It could even have Autobot shields on the sides. It may not have been able to transform into a robot, but it was still a cool Camaro.

1 Dick Harrell Edition Wide Body Camaro

After coming up with the first 427 engine swaps for the Camaro in the 1960s, it made sense Dick Harrell would get a special version of his own. Just 33 were made in 2002, boasting an excellent exterior design, but it’s the engine that counts.

The Phase 3X 427 CI LS6 V-8 engine can gain 630 HP and 600 lb-ft of torque with a six-speed transmission. Each one comes with a special medallion for Harrell and enhances his fame as a Camaro legend by getting his own model.

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