Here’s What We Love About The Chevrolet Corvette C8 Z51

Chevy Corvette’s are one of the most common cars from the manufacturers. However, there have been eight different generations, which all offer unique features and performance.

The Corvette C8 Z51 is a Stingray model, which boasts incredible performance and overall luxury. The sports car is incredibly popular among modern sports car fans and the introduction of the 2020 model made fans go crazy, especially due to its amazing features.

Let’s take a look at what we love about the Chevrolet Corvette C8 Z51.

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Its Differing And Futuristic Design

The Chevrolet Corvette C8 Z51 is within the manufacturer’s eighth generation of the Corvette models. It is a sibling to the likes of the GT and LT models. The Z51 stands out for being the first mid-engine Corvette since the model’s introduction in 1953.

Corvette’s typically boast a front engine, which is great for cargo and driver space and comfort. However, the benefits of a mid-engine include better stability, handling, and traction. All of which is ideal for any sports car to perform at its best ability.

The differing design for the engine of the Corvette aligns with the fact that the car is futuristic from design to performance. The C8 Z51 model was in production in early 2019, one year ahead of launch, for the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission. The model was first seen in 2019 at an event at the Kennedy Space Center.

What’s more, is that the C8 Z51 model offers a differing external and internal design too. It isn’t just its engine that is different from other Corvette designs. The 2020 C8 features all-new aluminum architecture inside as well as a more aggressive exterior body. It is wide, it is present, and incredibly aesthetic thanks to its better aerodynamics, which includes larger air intakes and prominent side scoops. These exterior features help the ride look the part as well as perform better.

Its Special Interior Features

Thanks to the mid-engine design, the driving space sees a 16.5-inch shift forward, which offers more room for advancement in the technology controls. The C8 Z51 model offers a cockpit that is completely driver-centric. There are numerous controls on the center console as well as utilizing a new hexagonal steering wheel. The steering wheel in the Z51 models of the C8 is special thanks to their special Z button.

The special Z button is a feature that many Corvette fans will lust over. It allows quick and easy activation of performance settings, which can further enhance the overall experience of driving the sports car.

To enhance the comfort of the Z51 when driving, the model is kit out with luxury leather and microsuede. The car certainly looks the part as well as offers incredible speed, power, and fun all while keeping the driver comfortable.

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The Wicked Suspension

Another thing to love about the Chevrolet Corvette C8 Z51 is its suspension. The Chevy team went about kitting this model out with a special suspension, which features a performance-tuned adjustable suspension that offers higher front and rear spring rates and firmer dampers. These allow the rider to handle more bumps in the road without impacting the driver’s focus and comfort. Likewise, it makes for a more comfortable and seamless drive.

In addition to the suspension, this model also offers the special feature of Magnetic Selective Ride Control for all trims and levels. This enables the driver to tackle corners and sharp turns easier than ever, further improving the performance and handling of this specific C8 model. This feature reads the road and adapts the suspension every five milliseconds so that the driver can experience the utmost comfort and best performance possible when driving on any open road.

Although the first sports car to use the technology was the 2003 C5 Corvette, it is special in this model thanks to pairing with the wicked suspension. The two together are a dream combination and elevate the car’s smoothness and handling like never seen before in a C8 car.

Along with the suspension and control feature, the C8 Z51 model has a dual-mode exhaust, which hikes its output from 490 hp to 495 hp. The greater the horsepower, the more fun a sports car driver can have, which was the exact aim of the Chevrolet team. It looks the part and certainly plays it too.

Overall, the Chevrolet Corvette C8 Z51 is an awesome sports car. It boasts incredible power and performance as well as looks the part. It sure would satisfy the needs of any powerhead and luxury car lover. It differs from other C8 models thanks to its engine and special features, which makes the car even more lovable than its eighth-generation siblings.

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