Here’s what you should know about wellness shots

During the pandemic, wellness shots made their mark as a go-to method for boosting immunity. They’re typically small doses of liquid which contain a natural blend of extracts from fruits, vegetables and spices intended to yield particular health benefits.

They usually come in single-serve sizes that are meant to be consumed in one go hence the name shot. Tumeric, ginger and apple cider vinegar shots are among the most popular.

For all the basics that you need to know when it comes to wellness shots, Loop News sat with Jameisia Legall, BSc in BSc Human Nutrition & Dietetics and MSc in Food Science and Technology to learn more.

Wellness Shots vs Conventional Medicine

Speaking on the increasing popularity of wellness shots, Legall mentioned, “People are only now realising and appreciating the benefit of more traditional and natural forms of medicine. I believe that’s why it’s becoming a trend.”

She then went on to advise against the use of these shots as a quick fix or replacement for conventional medicine. Due to the ingredients, these concentrated shots can be helpful in boosting overall health and wellbeing, however, there isn’t sufficient scientific evidence to support this.

While advocating for the use of natural medicine where applicable, Legall also believes that there are benefits to using conventional medicine. She recommends seeing a doctor or dietitian before adding wellness shots to your diet as well as seeing a healthcare professional if you experience adverse symptoms instead of attempting to self-diagnose.

“For example, a lot of fruits are high in potassium so if you already have elevated potassium levels then taking fruitshots is something you may want to be wary of,” she added.

Things to keep in mind when taking wellness shots

Here are Legall’s top tips when it comes to regularly consuming wellness shots.

  1. Do adequate research before purchasing

Look at reviews, find out if others have had any severe reactions and ensure that you purchase from a reputable company. This also includes reading the labels before purchasing to ensure that you recognize the ingredients listed on the product.

  1. Avoid overconsumption

Read the packaging carefully and follow the dosage to avoid overconsumption. Taking more than recommended won’t equate to more benefits as any additional water-soluble vitamins, such as vitamin C, that are not needed by the body will be excreted.

“Apple cider vinegar is a common ingredient in wellness shots and excessive amounts can decay tooth enamel. Ginger is another common ingredient but having too much may cause symptoms such as heartburn,” added Legall.

  1. Don’t ditch your fruits and vegetables

While nutritional, wellness shots don’t have the fiber that you’d get from eating raw fruits and vegetables. Fiber helps to regulate blood pressure and blood sugar while promoting healthy gut flora. Therefore, the shots should not be used as a replacement for fresh fruits and vegetables.

  1. Monitor your body’s response

Even when consuming natural ingredients, each person can respond differently. Monitor your body’s response to wellness shots. At times, it may simply be a matter of changing the flavor or the time of day you consume the shot. However, if you have concerns or develop serious symptoms then be sure to consult a healthcare professional.

  1. They can be made at home

If you opt for making your own wellness shots at home then be sure to:

  • Always use fresh ingredients
  • Sanitize all your equipment before preparation
  • Store in glass bottles
  • Consume within 3 to 5 days for optimal benefits

A holistic approach to wellness

Whether or not you decide to consume wellness shots, Legal cites a healthy diet as one of the most important aspects of ensuring overall health and wellbeing. As the definition of a healthy diet varies based on the person, she recommends consulting with a dietitian for guidance and bespoke advice if you’re uncertain.

Additionally, Legall mentioned taking a holistic and proactiveapproach to wellness so that along with the shots, other practices can aid in improving one’s immune health.She ended by saying, “It’s counterproductive to take wellness shots and live an unhealthy lifestyle otherwise. Sleep and exercise are also very important in order to repair and rejuvenate your body. Personally, I also love meditation as a way to be more mindful and reduce stress because stress is a major contributor to many ailments.”

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