Hogwarts Houses Of Fear The Walking Dead Characters

Fear the Walking Dead is a thrilling drama that illustrates various human natures in times of crisis. In the post-apocalyptic world, many people are thrown together all fighting for different priorities, with some valueing family and others preferring power.

With these kinds of bonds and rivalries in place, it’s not surprising that many fans of the show have started to see parallels between all of their Fear the Walking Dead favorites and the complex personalities in Harry Potter, In fact, it has led to some even discussing what Hogwarts houses they believe they could fit into.

Gryffindor: Madison Clark

Madison Clark, like many characters in the show, has had a significantly dark past. She survived an abusive childhood where she ended up having to kill her father in order to save her mother and herself. At the time of the outbreak, she was a widow raising two children and always looking for ways to help other people.


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Madison’s innate selflessness and willingness to fight for those in need makes her an excellent candidate for Gryffindor. Although her surprise appearance in season 7 portrayed her as daring, resourceful, and crafty, many fans believe that it will trace back to her natural tendency to help and protect Morgan and baby Mo.

Ravenclaw: Alicia Clark

Alicia Clark is Madison’s only daughter. Despite being deeply affected by her father’s passing, she excels at school, relationships, and achieving her goals. She sincerely loves her family even with tension regarding various life choices.

Alicia knows how to set aside her feelings and follow logic when necessary. She tends to see things through an analytical viewpoint which has helped her survive on multiple occasions. She is consistently brave and always the first to volunteer herself in order to protect others. These characteristics, plus her intelligence and enthusiasm to learn new skills, place her in Ravenclaw.

Hufflepuff: John Dorie

A split image of John Dorie in Fear The Walking Dead

Referred to as a man of contradictions in the show, John Dorie has proven that he was someone of strong character and kindness time and time again. Though he had a particular soft spot for his love interest, June, Dorie had high regard for people altogether.

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John makes a solid contender for Hufflepuff based on his big heart that was filled with tenderness and patience for others. He was no stranger to violence, which is why he preferred to be isolated, yet he was always willing to fight for those he loved and anybody who needed help. His quiet, wise, and kind ways help him to be a source of comfort to those who need it.

Slytherin: Victor Strand

Victor Strand was a known conman involved in money schemes that made him his wealth. He is thought to be sophisticated and mysterious by associates and those he interacts with. Strand transitioned to the apocalypse seemingly easily due to his viewpoints and tactics for survival.

His resourceful yet pessimistic outlook on the world categorizes him as Slytherin. Strand was not threatened by the zombies and capitalized on his thirst for power by diving even deeper into his schemes to extort people in the post-apocalyptic world.

Slytherin: Daniel Salazar

Daniel Salazar has an exceptionally dark history. He was a trained mercenary for the Salvadoran Junta and CIA specifically in torture and murder. He is known to have been involved in the deaths of over 100 people directly and countless more otherwise. Regardless, he did his best to put his past behind him to start a new life for his family in America.

Salazar is known as an intelligent, formidable, and cautious man. When push comes to shove, he reverts to his old ways as a violent and manipulative monster in order to protect his family. Unfortunately for Daniel, he is placed in situations frequently where he has to be the man he hates. Despite his efforts to turn a new leaf, his dark past continues to peg him as Slytherin.

Ravenclaw: Dwight

Dwight, a famous crossover from The Walking Dead, comes across Madison’s group on his journey to find his wife, Sherry. He attempts to make retribution for his bad deeds in the past by helping people he comes across. He served as a scout and also an ethical outlaw with the Dark Horses once he is reunited with Sherry.

Dwight has had an admirable and debatable character development throughout the show. His self-awareness of his strengths and his ability to problem-solve make him a strong candidate for Ravenclaw. He is known for being brave, highly intelligent, and caring, yet Dwight will lie and manipulate others if necessary.

Ravenclaw: Luciana Galvez

Luciana Galvez is a former recruiter and supply-runner in La Colonia. She experienced a great loss when her father died and her mother was reanimated as a zombie, and she and her brother had to turn to the colony for safety supplies. Luciana is known to help people in need and be very cunning in the face of danger.

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Luciana takes careful steps to keep those she loves safe and provided for, a practice that heightened after the apocalypse. She is smart and uses all her resources to survive making her a committed Ravenclaw. Her experience and enthusiasm to improve made her a skilled and trustworthy asset to her friends and cohorts.

Slytherin: Troy Otto

Troy Otto is a leader and key influencer in the post-apocalyptic world. His father raised his children to be able to survive the apocalypse, making the Ottos extremely equipped and prepared to survive. Post-apocalypse, he helps to run the Broke Jaw Ranch, where he thrives alarmingly in unpopular opinion and chaos.

Otto has all the experience and the gusto to be a classic antagonist in the series. Like a textbook Slytherin, he seemingly enjoys the pain of others and carries himself as a sadistic person. Troy’s determination and immorality are shown in his first interaction with Madison’s group when he kidnapped them and held them at the Ranch. Nothing comes between him and his steadfast resolve to gain power.

Hufflepuff: Morgan Jones

Morgan Jones, another crossover from The Walking Dead, is an influential and likable character with many layers. He left Virginia to start a new life and to find himself, but naturally, he gets sucked back into the life of survival and wit. His instinct is to shy away from people to protect his own heart, but he innately makes connections with people as a leader and friend.

Morgan shows characteristics of a Gryffindor as a fierce protector who will fight for the people he loves any day. Yet, he continually follows his heart and is patient with the faults of people around him. Even when Morgan started to lose himself due to trauma, his care for others and determination to protect them never faded, making him a very grieved Hufflepuff.

Gryffindor: Althea Szewczyk-Przygocki

Althea’s brave heart and selfless nature place her in Gryffindor. In her time as a scout with Dwight, Althea came across many in need and many trying to take advantage of others’ weaknesses. Her discernment and ability to connect well with people give her an advantage. Althea consistently shows her devotion to helping others and fighting for what she believes in her heart.

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