Howarden boxer returns home to New Zealand to fight for National title

(JULY 6) Hawarden, New Zealand born Australian boxer Nicila Costello will be returning home to fight for the New Zealand National (Pro Box NZ version) super flyweight title against two-time world title challenger Michelle Preston in August.

Born in the small town of Hawarden in the south island, Costello moved to Australia in December 2012. Now she lives in Brisbane, running three F45 Studios while living with her wife and their one-year-old child. She started boxing in 2019, fighting in the amateur and corporate boxing division.

Costella made her professional boxing debut in June 2021 when she defeated Jessica Clancy by majority decision. Since then, she has won the Queensland State Super Flyweight Title and Australian National Flyweight title. The last time we saw her in the ring was in May when she finished the fight in the first round against Hannah Morgan. Currently, her professional boxing record is four wins and one loss, with two wins coming by way of knockout.

In Costella corner is another New Zealander from the South Island. She trains out of the gym BTB Boxing Fitness under her coach, a New Zealand born Australian and multiple national amateur champion Todd Commons. Ace Boxing Group promotes Costello under Angelo Di Carlo, who also promotes other New Zealand born Australians, including Benjamin Kelleher, Billy Limov, and Floyd Masson.

For the first time in her career, Costella will be returning home to New Zealand to fight on home soil. She will be fighting for the Pro Box NZ super flyweight title, which no one has won from that commissioning body. If Costella wins, she will be the first female two have won both the New Zealand national title and the Australian national title and the first person since Steve Renwick who won the New Zealand title in 1985 and the Australian title in 1986.

Costella will be taking on five-time World Kickboxing Champion and two-time World title challenger Michelle Preston.

UK Born New Zealander Michelle Preston is a true trailblazer in the sport of boxing. After her debut win in February 2007, In December 2007, she became the first female to win the WBA – PABA title. Then, in November 2008, she became the first female to fight for the WBC – OPBF title (losing to Susie Ramadan). Then, in July 2010, she became the first female to win the WBO Asia Pacific title. And finally, in November 2010, she became the first female to win a New Zealand national professional title by knocking her opponent out.

In July 2012, she was ranked 2nd in the world with the IBF and 20th in the World with the WBC in 2016. She fought for the World IBF Super Flyweight title in 2012 and 2016, losing to Argentina boxer Dbora Dionicius on both occasions.

She is a 5-time kickboxing champion, winning her last world title in 2017 when she defeated Fani Peloumpi for the WBC Muay Thai Super Flyweight title. At the time, Preston announced that this would be her last fight in combat sports.

Recently Preston made her in-ring return after being away from the boxing ring for six years when she defeated New Zealand amateur champion Holly McMath at the Auckland Museum in May. Currently, her record is nine wins, eight losses and one draw, with two wins coming by way of knockout.

This fight will happen on the 5th of October 2022 at Auckland’s historical boxing venue, ABA Stadium. The promoter of the night, Craig Thomson, will also be looking to add the ANBF Australasian title to the fight; however, that depends on current champion Natalie hill if she decides to vacate the title. Tickets are on sale now through Craig Thomson.

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