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Seth Feroce is an outspoken retired, professional bodybuilder who competed for much of his career during the mid 2000s, having found success on some of sport’s most competitive stages. In a recent post made on social media, Feroce hunted and killed a black bear, which left some fans either confused or upset by his behavior.

Feroce, an IFBB Pro bodybuilder, rose to the top of the sport with amazing conditioning and balanced proportions. In addition to leading a successful athletic career, Feroce has steadily gained notoriety due to his unique opinions regarding performance enhancing drugs (PEDs). As of late, Feroce’s focus has been on spreading awareness in bodybuilding about the dangers of steroid use/abuse. Taking to multiple YouTube channels, the retired Pro has made it a mission to forewarn rising athletes about how physically, and psychologically addicting these compounds can be.

In a furious rant, Feroce relayed a harsh message to the bodybuilding community about the sport needing to change. He believes that steroids will kill bodybuilders and used himself as an example. Feroce believes quitting steroids won’t erase years of abuse, stressing that these compounds have fatal consequences.

His brash and outspoken nature once again reached headlines, though he found himself under fire from his fanbase after hunting and killing a black bear on social media. Feroce informed his fans that he’s not hunting for sport but hunting for food for his family to eat.

Seth Feroce Fires Back After Hunting Black Bear: “This Was a Bucket List Item for Me”

Feroce provided his reasoning behind the decision to document, hunt, kill and eat a black bear. The bodybuilder added that black bears are not currently an endangered species. In addition, he clarified that when these bears are not hunted, they breed and kill other wildlife that the community intends to reserve.

“My first Big Game Animal.
Black Bear in Idaho
This was a Bucket List Item for me.
Something I dreamed of doing for years.
To Hunt, Kill, Skin, Quarter, Pack Out and EAT!
I have always loved watching nature shows, hunting shows, and recently over the past year hunting shows are all I watched.
And I wanted to make Hunting and Harvesting part of my life.
I wanted the feelings of it all.
Killing an animal. Skinning it. Cutting the meat off the body. Packing it out on my back. Eating the meat back at camp with my friends. And talking about the experience, the feelings and emotions and how beautiful nature is.
Then bring home that meat to feed my family.
The meat that I killed, that I cut up, that I harvested, and packed out of the mountains.
So my friend @beyond_the_backcountry brought me out to experience his part of the West!
And Make it Happen!
And It did.
I killed a LARGE black bear. Skinned it. Quartered it. Packed it out off a mountain and ate it at camp with my friends.
And I will be bringing home the meat for my family.
I am Proud of This!
And I know that some out there may not like this.
And that’s ok.
Maybe some just need some education and a little perspective.
So here is a small piece.
Black Bears are not endangered, they are heavily hunted in the west.
They need to be managed. Controlling the population is important for all the other animals hunted, elk, deer, etc.
Black bears and other predators will kill the population of elk, deer, and other animals. In fact male bears will kill bear cubs of the females just so they can mate with them. Wild!
Nature is intense.
So Hunters help control this, by hunting them, so that we can hunt and harvest those other animals.
And also, bears are delicious! You can eat them.
Bear back strap on the mountain was awesome.
I will be making Bear sausage and some Bear burger from the rest of my meat.
The Fat will be rendered down to cook with. Bear Tallow!
This is the pinnacle of Quality.
I loved everything about this!
This is what we humans have done forever and it will continue to be a big part of my Life.” Seth Feroce posted.

Feroce might be causing a stir amongst his fans, but he appears dedicated to hunting, harvesting, and living a rugged outdoor lifestyle. Overall, he believes the public backlash following his bear hunt would subside if people got ‘some education and perspective’ about the matter.

Carnivorous diets are rising in popularity given the nutrient-dense qualities offered by meat, and for some, raw meat. Social media sensation Brian Johnson (well known as ‘Liver King’) advocates for a carnivorous diet, mostly consisting of raw organ meat. Popular podcast host Joe Rogan has also voiced support for a carnivore-based diet. Rogan suggests that the body absorbs more nutrients from meat when it’s cooked versus eating the raw meat like ‘Liver King’ endorses.

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While Feroce hasn’t gone so far as to eat bull testicles like Liver King, his hunting escapades have no doubt caused disapproval with some of his fans. After responding to the backlash, Feroce isn’t ashamed to have hunted a black bear, and accomplished something he ‘dreamed of doing for years.’

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