I tried Miles Teller’s TopGun bodyweight workout — here’s what happened

I don’t know about you, but one of my priorities when traveling is to fit in a good workout the day I arrive — research (opens in new tab)has found evidence that exercise can help negate the negative effects of jetlag or shift work. As I looked for inspiration for a bodyweight circuit to do in the (slightly limited) hotel gym on a recent trip to New York, I stumbled upon Miles Teller’s Top Gun bodyweight workout, so I unrolled an exercise mat and gave it a go.

Miles Teller stars in the new Top Gun: Maverick film alongside Tom Cruise. The film was highly delayed due to Covid and was actually shot pre-2019, so Teller was able to bulk up for his role as Bradley ‘Rooster’ Bradshaw the traditional way — lots of time in the gym with a personal trainer. Teller trained with Jason Walsh, a PT with a phonebook full of Hollywood clients, including the likes of Matt Damon and Brie Larson (here’s what happened when I tried Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel workout,

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